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LED Bathroom Lights

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The versatility of LED is rarely more evident than when you see its range of uses in the bathroom. You’ll find LED technology in mirror and vanity lights, downlights and spotlights, wall sconces, strip lights and ceiling lights. You might add an LED flexi-strip into the mix to create a little ambience.

Of course LED doesn’t entirely have its own way in the bathroom: fluorescent and halogen lighting is also prevalent. But where halogen is power-hungry and short-lived, LED is tremendously economical and lasts for an age! Where CFL lights use toxic mercury and need a warm-up time, LED is eco-friendly and instantaneous. In many side-by-side comparisons, LED lights come out on top.

IP rating

Bathroom lights tend to be IP rated, and the IP rating determines where in the bathroom you can safely fit the light. An IP20 score would mean not exposing the fitting to any water whatsoever, whereas an IP43 or IP44 rating would signify a light that can withstand light sprays of water. Higher IP ratings such IP65 mean a light can be subjected to jets of water for cleaning purposes, but a light needs an IP67 rating to be used within a shower cubicle or inside a bath. At that point the light might be completely immersion-proof, although reference to the manufacturer’s guidelines should be made.

You can create just the look you want in a bathroom with the incorporation of money-saving LED lights, and what’s more you can expect your investment to last up to 50,000 hours. That’s 50 times the longevity of old-fashioned incandescent, and up to 3 times the lifespan of CFL lighting. LED is a fuss-free fitting that lets you get on with your life!