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Touch Lamps

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  1. Edit Malta Glass Touch Table Lamp - Brass

    £58.99 £49.16
  2. Lucide Len Touch Table Lamp

    £27.99 £23.32
  3. Endon Hugo Touch Desk Lamp - Satin Chrome

    £38.99 £32.49
  4. Dar Gloucester Touch Lamps - Antique Brass - Set of 2

    £54.99 £45.82
  5. Dar Jot Touch Table Lamp - Chrome

    £19.99 £16.66
  6. Astro Gerrit LED Desk Light - Gold

    £314.00 £261.67
  7. Dar Faris Touch Table Lamp - Polished Chrome

    £27.99 £23.32
  8. Edit Ditty Glass Touch Table Lamp

    £14.99 £12.49
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When you’re looking for a table lamp that is both stylish and easy to switch on, a touch lamp is likely to be what you’re looking for. There are so many reasons to be looking for a lamp that can be switched on and off easily, and touch lamps are definitely the most convenient way to light up a room. Being able to turn on a light with a single touch, rather than needing to find a rocker switch, or to fumble inside a light shade is much easier, which makes touch lamps perfect for bedside tables, where you need to be able to turn on the light when you’re half asleep still.


Bedside tables aren’t the only places to use touch lamps though, and our range are perfect for all tables, desks, and consoles that need additional light, whether it is functional – such as for reading – or simply to increase the ambient light in the room.


Although there are many uses for touch lamps, you might think they’re purely functional, and therefore that they aren’t as attractive as other table lamps. But you’d be wrong, since our range contains ultra-modern styles featuring metallics and sculptural shapes, as well as traditional shapes featuring antique brass, fusing modern technology with classic styling. This also means that if you’re buying a lamp for someone with reduced mobility, then you can choose a stylish option.


Many touch lamps now incorporate energy efficient LEDs, which allow for years of use without the bulb being changed, while other styles allow for traditional screw-cap, or bayonet bulbs – which of course, you can use an LED bulb in. Using LEDs allows for users to change the colour of the light, and because the energy required is much lower, battery operated styles are an option too. Battery operated LED touch lamps aren’t just convenient, they’re great in case of power outages, and if they are rated IP44 or above, they are suitable for using outdoors too.