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Retail Display Lighting

When it comes to retail display lighting, choosing the right type of illumination is paramount. Displaying your products to their best effect couldn’t be more important to the success of your business. Luckily, Lyco are on hand to provide you with exactly the lighting scheme you need, with a wide range of lighting solutions available to suit any scenario. Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities:

Halogen Display Lights

Halogen lighting is affordable, it’s bright, and it delivers a natural light with a maximum 100 CRI rating that only incandescent light sources produce. That makes it extremely colour-accurate! Your products will benefit from a crisp, well defined light that is theoretically easier on the eye than any other light source save for the sun. It is, however, less energy efficient and shorter lived than Metal Halide.

Metal Halide Display Lights

Metal halide lights produce an intense light whilst also being surprisingly energy efficient - much more energy efficient than its bright-burning rival the halogen lamp. The light from a metal halide is so intense that it’s often used as long range lighting in high-roof buildings such as gymnasiums. It’s also up to five times longer lasting than incandescent equivalents and less fragile. These make great display lights, often with compact designs, but require a greater initial investment than equivalents.

PAR Lights

PAR lights are U-shaped reflector lights often used for spotlighting. PAR lights are generally affordable, powerful (often using halogen lamps), and help you direct a high quality beam of light wherever you need to show off specific products or areas.

Recessed Display Lighting

Unobtrusive but effective, recessed display lights might be straight downlights or they could have an adjustable beam angle depending upon your needs - Lyco stock a wide selection of suitable recessed fittings for your display needs, using various lighting technologies.

For a look into what types of display lighting options are available for individual situations why not checkout our Display Lighting - Professional Show-offs feature.

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