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Cabinet Downlights - Eterna

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  1. Eterna 2W LED Triangle Under Cabinet Light - White

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Cabinet downlights are essentially task lights, designed to illuminate work surfaces whilst being discreetly kept out of direct eyeline. The majority of our cabinet fittings are LED, since they can be small, they’re versatile, they’re low-powered, and they boast phenomenal lifespans. You might also find GX53 disc lamps, with low-powered fluorescent lighting that’s ideally suited to the task.

Our cabinet fittings are often puck-shaped with a variety of attractive finishes. They can also be recessed, so they fit seamlessly into the underside of your cabinet, with some models offering both surface or recessed installation. A triangular design is also popular as an alternative.

Low voltage v mains

One of the primary advantages of low-voltage lights in under-cabinet illumination is that it allows for slightly smaller designs. The line voltage options we offer might compensate for this by using an economical housing around a small mains-powered disc lamp. With LED low-voltage lights an LED driver is required - usually supplied as part of a kit - with the maximum load of the driver dictating how many lights you can run through it. Usually there is scope for expansion; hence we also sell single lights so you can add to a basic kit.