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Bathroom Downlights

Lyco offer a range of bathroom downlights that fulfill all requirements when it comes to creating stylish recessed lighting within a bathroom or defined wet-room. Our range incorporates style, safety and versatility - offering you real choice. mWhen it comes to the technology behind the lighting, we also a offer a selection of options that are sure to give you the optimum efficiency, whilst fulfilling your requirements...

Technology choices

Our range of recessed spotlights for bathrooms are covered by a trio of technologies:: LED, CFL (fluorescent) and halogen.


LED bathroom downlights tend to involve the greatest initial outlay, but counters that with substantial energy savings and a phenomenal lifespan. They provide instant-on illumination with no warm-up or flickering.

Fluorescent (CFL)

Fluorescent downlights generally have a lesser but still impressive lifespan, and are more energy efficient than incandescent technologies.


Halogen dowlights are usually the least expensive option of the three with a lesser lifespan but intrinsically high quality, bright and colour-accurate light that is ideal for detail-oriented tasks and displays.

IP Rating – choosing the right fitting

In purchasing one of our recessed bathroom fittings you’ll need to pay particular attention to the IP Rating and how it affects the downlight’s suitability for various areas of a bathroom.

The IP rating is a standard that describes the level of ‘Ingress Protection’ in any fitting. For fill details take a look at our definitive guide to IP ratings and in terms of positioning please refer to our ‘What can go where’ guide.

Mains or low voltage

Most of our bathroom fittings are mains powered, but we do offer a selection of bathroom downlights that are low-voltage. These low voltage versions run cooler and are safer in any situation where humans may come into contact with the electrical components. The only drawback is the requirement of an additional transformer, which can also be found at Lyco.

Further safety considerations

Taking safety to a further level our range of recessed bathroom lighting also includes a fire-rated range. Fire-rated downlights are recessed lights that maintain the integrity of a ceiling in the unfortunate event of a fire, thus avoiding the easy spread of flames. Typically they’re constructed with expanding (intumescent) materials that help plug any dangerous gap.

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