Water Heaters

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Among our stock of business supplies we include water heaters in varying guises. Ideal for changing rooms, washrooms, hotels, health clubs or spas, you might find the ideal water heater for your business. Our buyers are very diligent in finding the best products for our customers, so you can expect water heaters to be extremely user-friendly and reliable, and often supplied with a warranty for added peace of mind.

Supply and demand

Our ‘regular’ water heaters come in two types: storage or on-demand. The former heats up a quantity of water and then stores it until it’s poured. A storage heater is obviously bigger by necessity though, so you may wish to consider a smaller, on-demand heater that warms only the required amount of water. The latter draws power more ferociously by design.

For all your H2O-heating needs, you can depend upon the diligent, caring and knowledgeable service of Lyco. Give us a call if you have any doubt about our products - we’ll be pleased to help!