Hand Dryers

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How many of us quickly wash our hands and then rush out of the washroom as if there were a fire raging? Drying our hands properly is every bit as important as adequately soaping them, and ideally we should dry our hands without frantically rubbing them together as is often advised. Definitely we shouldn’t expedite the process by drying them on our own clothes. Merely holding our hands - preferably adequately rinsed - underneath the blast of a hand dryer is the best technique for maintaining good hygiene.

Having established that, you’ll be glad to know we won’t be telling you how to tie your shoelaces. We will, however, point you in the direction of our range of hand dryers for your washroom. We stock a wide range of dryers from simple, affordable machines to cutting edge models that are extremely fast and efficient. We have solutions to suit all budgets and needs!

The benefits of hand dryers over paper towels are as follows: more eco-friendly with less use of natural resources - meaning trees and the water used in the chemical process of creating towels; a swivelling nozzle facilitates drying accidental spills onto your clothes or the clothes of your customers more effectively than a paper towel - which has the tendency to set in a stain with any scrubbing action.

To promote high standards of hygiene in your workplace or premises, invest in a hand dryer and invest in Lyco - we’re here to help!