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Personal Protection Equipment

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  1. 3 Ply Disposable Face Mask - Pack of 50

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In many different working environments there is a need for various forms of personal protection equipment, mostly for staff but sometimes also for visiting clientele. Some of the items you’re likely to find among our stock are as follows: Masks are a needed in many manual jobs for protecting workers from inhaling airborne particles such as dust, whilst in medical professions they also prevent the spread of bacteria from the wearer’s nose and mouth.
Overshoes are particularly of use in the medical profession, but are widely used in other areas where professionals want to protect their shoes and/or the environment they’re working in. They’re sometimes used by estate agents, catering workers, and swimming pool attendants.
Safety goggles are worn in a variety of environments, including chemical labs or carpentry and metalworking shops.
Hi-viz jackets and waistcoats are imperative in many environments, like warehouses and loading bays where fork-lift trucks and lorries are likely to be constantly in transit. Any job that mixes pedestrianism with transport is in particular need of high visibility.
Gloves are available in different forms, whether they’re for handling potentially sharp or splintery objects such as recyclable refuse or palettes, or being used in the medical profession to prevent the spread of bacteria.
Aprons again are used in industries where cleanliness and hygiene are paramount. Catering and medical professions are two obvious examples of where they might be required.

Lyco experience

Remember that Lyco, aside from being experts in lighting, also have many years of experience in supplying specialist industries with a wide range of products. If you can’t see the item you’re looking for, you’re very welcome to contact our sales team to discuss your needs. Our stock is constantly being refreshed, and we always take customer requirements on board.