Outdoor Bins

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A build-up of rubbish outside a workplace or in a publically accessed space can quickly constitute a health hazard, but if you make waste disposal easy with a few well-placed bins the problem can be avoided. Our outdoor bins usually show the internationally recognised Tidyman logo: a symbol of the Keep Britain Tidy campaign.

You can buy your outdoor litter bins from Lyco in fuss-free fashion and often with the possibility of next-day delivery. With 98% of our products kept in stock at our large warehouse, you’ll not usually be kept waiting long for supplies or equipment! In any case, our website’s prominently stated delivery times ensure that you’re never left waiting unduly or unexpectedly for any order.

In addition to our litter bins, you may encounter a grit box or two in our outdoor bin section. It’s imperative that a business premises be kept safe in icy conditions, with particular attention being paid to car parks, outdoor loading bays and yards, and all paths and routes into and around a building.

As usual, you can buy from Lyco with complete confidence in the quality of our products. Our outdoor bins and grit boxes are well designed and robustly manufactured from durable materials. Keep your premises clean, tidy, and safe with a little help from us!