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Cleaning Chemicals

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  1. Anti-Viral Disinfectant Spray

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A clean working environment is paramount in any business, usually with very tangible benefits for both staff and customers alike. Whether your premises is an office block or a catering establishment, a spick and span workplace creates a good impression, helps maintain efficiency, and promotes good morale in personnel.

Lyco stocks a diverse range of cleaning chemicals that will help your cleaning or maintenance staff members to do their job more easily and efficiently. You’ll find a bottle of something or other to assist in most specialist cleaning tasks, including bleach, disinfectant, degreaser, floor polish, graffiti remover, chewing gum remover, glass cleaning sprays, anti-bacterial sprays, toilet cleaner, washing up liquid and much more!

To complement these products we also offer a range of cleaning equipment in our ‘Janitorial & Cleaning’ department. There you’ll find the tools of the cleaning trade, including cloths, squeegees, mops, buckets, and dustpans and brushes. Almost without exception these items are available with next-day delivery, subject to the time of order.

Clean up with Lyco

Experts in lighting and seasoned campaigners in supplying specialist industries, Lyco are a one-stop shop for your business supplies! Our prices are competitive and our award-winning level of customer service is restless in its effort to satisfy. Feel free to call our sales team if ever you can’t quite find what you’re looking for amongst our stock - we’re always replenishing, and always refreshing!