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It's never been easier to protect your property. Improvements in technology mean that the quality of surveillance sytems is better than ever, while prices have actually come down in real terms. There is now a wide range of CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) systems to choose from, meaning you can choose a system that really suits your requirements.

Secure Your Property

These systems allow you or a security guard to keep an eye on your property at all times even when you are off-site. You can view multiple locations at once, and even record the activities of intruders to use as evidence should you decide to prosecute.

Some cameras have infra-red to pick up pictures even in very low light at night, and most have one-way audio, so you can hear intruders but they can't hear you.

Range of CCTV Systems

The simplest way to get started is with an inexpensive camera which can be attached to your own TV or VCR. We also offer a range of the systems for all types of premises to suit your budget, including

  • Simple black and white systems with a monitor
  • Colour systems to use with your own TV or monitor
  • Black and white systems with sound and a monitor
  • Systems with multiple cameras
  • Systems with TFT colour monitor for an exceptional clear picture
  • Combined doorbell and CCTV system
  • Wireless systems which need no installation or wiring
  • And if your budget is really stretched, we can offer you a dummy surveillance camera which looks just like the real thing to help deter opportunistic intruders.