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Catering Light Bulbs

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  1. 25W Clear Oven Bulb - S.Screw

    £1.49 £1.24 As low as £1.42
  2. 40W Clear Oven Bulb - Small Screw

    £1.49 £1.24 As low as £1.42
  3. 25W Clear Pygmy Microwave Bulb - S.Screw

    £1.49 £1.24 As low as £1.42
  4. 15W Clear Pygmy Fridge Bulb - S.Screw

    £1.49 £1.24 As low as £1.42
  5. 300W Unjacketed Clear Catering Lamp - 118mm

    £5.49 £4.57 As low as £5.22
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If you’ve ever worked in a busy kitchen you’ll be aware of the heat generated at the hotplate, some of it from the head chef but much of it from the heating lamps. Unlike most of the bulbs we stock, generation of heat from our specialist catering bulbs is a good thing. They are used in conjunction with specialist catering equipment such as heated counters and serveries, to keep the food at optimum temperature.

If you’re a kitchen manager or restaurateur we can keep you in good supply of such lamps, with a variety of wattages, different finishes, and standard R7s caps.

Jacketed v unjacketed

Heating lamps can be bought with a jacket or bare. The jacket protects against breakage as well as food splashes and ingress, and generally prolongs the life of the lamp.

Lyco specialists

Lyco have been in the lighting retail business for many years, so we like to keep a stock of all types of equipment, whether its specialist or generic. We are accustomed to selling to the catering industry and guarantee competitive prices and a peerless level of customer service!