Air Fresheners

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Even regularly cleaned washrooms are prone to odours within a short space of time, and automatic air fresheners and fragrancers are a great solution to overcome this. We stock a range of automatic dispensing units and the refills to go in them. Dispensers are generally one of two types, either a fan which blows a fragrance into the washroom or a spray, which delivers bursts of fragrance at pre-set intervals. Refills are usually in the form of an easy to install cartridge or aerosol spray.

Our automatic air fresheners and refillsare available in white and chrome finishes and include:

Microbreeze Air Freshener

A lightweight, portable fan operated Freshener for washrooms up to 40 cubic metres in size. Refill cartridges are easy to install and come in fresh lemon fragrance.

Microspray Fragrancing Systems

This dispenser releases short bursts of fragrant spray at pre-set intervals. A digital Microspray version is available which is programmable with a 24 hour clock to allow more frequent spray bursts at busy periods and less at night or certain days of the week.

Both dispensing systems take refill aerosols which have a long hanging time in the air of 20 minutes. Refills are simple to fit and come in a choice of Fresh Lemon, Green Apple or White Linen fragrances.

Both refills and dispensers are stock items at our central UK warehouse.