Venture Lighting

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Venture Lighting, which is based in Cleveland, Ohio, was founded in 1983 as a metal halide, high intensity discharge light bulb manufacturing company.

Focusing specifically on the development of superior quality metal halide technology for the world market, the Venture vision is to become the best metal halide lamp company in the world.

Ground Breaking Company

Venture Lighting boasts over 300 products with over 150 designed and manufactured exclusively by the company. This groundbreaking company was the first to introduce a complete line of low wattage light bulbs, designer colour light bulbs without coloured lens gel and reduced jacket 175, 400 and 1000 watt light bulbs, amongst other things.

Part of an even bigger entity

Part of Advanced Lighting Technologies Inc (ADLT), Venture Lighting introduced most of the metal halide lamp types currently in use around the world. Venture's sister companies APL Engineered Materials (APL) and Deposition Sciences Inc (DSI) supply halides, amalgams and other components, and thin film coatings and deposition systems to the lighting industry, respectively.