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  1. Varilight 0-50W Driver

    £13.99 £11.66 As low as £13.29
  2. LED Compatible Dimmer 1 x 120W - White - Single

    £18.99 £15.82
  3. LED Compatible Dimmer 2 x 250W - White

    £31.99 £26.66
  4. LED Compatible Dimmer 1 x 300W - Polished Chrome

    £24.99 £20.82
  5. LED Compatible Dimmer 1 x 300W - Brushed Steel

    £24.99 £20.82
  6. LED Compatible Dimmer 2 x 250W - Brushed Steel

    £42.99 £35.82
  7. LED Compatible Dimmer 3 x 300W - White

    £49.99 £41.66
  8. LED compatible Dimmer 2 x 250W - Polished Chrome

    £42.99 £35.82
  9. LED Compatible Dimmer 3 x 300W - Polished Chrome

    £68.99 £57.49
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Varilight is a leading brand of dimmer switches, decorative switches, sockets, and bulbs. It is owned by Doyle & Tratt Products Ltd, which is a Horsham-based business founded in 1972. Starting out as a small two-family enterprise, the company expanded exponentially having secured a contract with a major retailer. Its four directors were then able to focus on product development.

Dimmer switches are a technology that develops in time with lighting itself, constantly needing re-evaluation. Varilight has proven itself as an industry leader in this respect, winning the 2005 Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the “Continuous Innovation and Development” category. Various other awards have ensued. To complement its dimming technology, Varilight developed a ground-breaking dimmable CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) in 2006.

Today, one of Varilight’s best-known products is the V-Pro range of intelligent dimmers. Widely recognised as one of the very best LED dimmers on the market, the Varilight V-Pro offers seamless LED dimming with none of the various glitches that are common in inferior products.

Stylish, innovative, and superbly manufactured, Varilight dimming products and accessories have few peers for sheer quality and reliability.