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  1. Techmar Ludeco - Catalpa LED Garden Spotlights - Stainless Steel - Set of 3

    £142.00 £118.33
  2. Techmar Plug and Play - Linum LED Post Light Kit - 4 Lights

    £123.00 £102.50
  3. Techmar Plug and Play - Focus Verona LED Garden Spotlight Kit - 10 Lights

    £359.00 £299.17
  4. Techmar Plug and Play - Linum LED Post Light Kit - 10 Lights

    £278.00 £231.67
  5. Techmar Plug and Play - Linum LED Garden Light Kit - 8 Lights

    £227.00 £189.17
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Techmar is a brand name for an outstanding range of plug and play LED garden lights. Distributed in the UK by garden irrigation and fencing experts, IrriFence Limited, Techmar’s low voltage lighting systems are easy and safe to install, without any need for an electrician, and can be effortlessly augmented with extra lights to suit your requirements.

Techmar’s extensive range includes all manner of garden lighting: recessed lights, bollard, spot lights, wall mounted, decorative, underwater, and even solar-powered LED lights that use a panel and rechargeable batteries for self-sufficient illumination.

The superbly designed and manufactured products of Techmar are all that you need to create a welcoming, relaxing ambience in your garden, and by their use of long-lasting, low-powered, low-cost, low voltage, LED technology, Techmar’s exciting range fully exploits the potential of modern lighting.