P & L Systems

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UK-based P+L Systems was first established in 1984 with the fly-killing ’Insectaflash’ brand. Since then there have been many twists and turns in the company’s fate, including its acquisition by Waterbury Companies in 2003, investment by Windpoint Partners in 2005, and the subsequent acquisition by P+L of several brand names: Network, Insect-O-Cutor, Synergetic, and SX Environmental.

As well, in 2011 the company’s TimeMist business was rebranded as P+L Systems Washroom: a leading supplier of fragrances and dispensers for commercial washroom use. Some of the products available include hand dryers, feminine hygiene bins, soap dispensers, urinal fragrancing products and water saving systems. P+L Systems Washroom also vend a variety of fragrances to complement any environment and ensure a pleasant customer experience.

Each brand under the P+L umbrella has been established for at least 20 years, and all possess an outstanding reputation for delivering high quality products. Specialists in flying insect control, bird control, general pest control, washroom hygiene solutions and automated washroom systems, you can depend upon P+L Systems for all of your facilities management needs.