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Numatic International

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  1. Numatic Vacuum Cleaner Dust Bags - Pack of 10

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  2. Numatic Vacuum Cleaner

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Numatic is best known as the manufacturer of the distinctive and popular 'Henry' vacuum cleaner and its brothers George, James and Charles. Vacuums featuring their cheery faces have been sold all over the world. However, the company also makes an extensive range of other commercial and industrial cleaning and maintenance products, including wet and dry vacs, 4 in 1 extractors and mopping systems.

Numatic International was founded in 1969 in Crewkerne, Somerset, England where it produced its first commercial vacuum cleaner designed for cleaning coal, oil and gas fired boilers. The first vacuum cleaner designs were made from a combination of oil drums and components such as suitcase handles, furniture castors and domestic washing-up bowls

The company expanded and moved site several times in the seventies and eighties as it set its sights ever higher and moved into world markets. The Chard plant in South Wales where Numatic International is now based was acquired in 1990. The site is 9 hectares, with a staff of 700 producing 3,000 products per day, it encompasses many state of the art and fully automated facilities. It also has its own training school for staff and distributors.

Production is carried out under a rigid quality assurance scheme accredited to BS EN ISO 9001:2000. Design and development is carried out in a well equipped engineering department with up-to-date CADCAM systems and prototype modelling facilities.

Numatic prides itself on being an environmentally friendly company in both product design and operation and recycles much of its waste material, for which it holds an ISO14001 accreditation.