Lucide Table and Floor Lighting - White - Pink - Blue

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  1. Lucide Mirasol Table Lamp - Marble & Brass

    £135.00 £112.50
  2. Lucide Paolo Table Lamp - White

    £24.49 £20.41
  3. Lucide Chago Desk Lamp - White

    £24.99 £20.82
  4. Lucide Cosby Table Lamp - White

    £19.99 £16.66
  5. Lucide Otona Table Lamp - White

    £73.99 £61.66
  6. Lucide Hester Desk Lamp - White

    £59.99 £49.99
  7. Lucide Hester Floor Lamp - White

    £72.99 £60.82
  8. Lucide Quirijn Table Lamp Uplighter - White

    £61.99 £51.66
  9. Lucide Siemon Table Lamp - Blue

    £45.99 £38.32
  10. Lucide Siemon Floor Lamp - Blue

    £133.00 £110.83
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Focusing on efficient and up-to-date technical design, as well as an excellent price to performance ratio, Lucide are a lighting brand that’s leading the way. We are proud to be the only UK supplier of their wide range of indoor table and floor lighting in a variety of styles and functions. The Belgian company has over 20 years’ experience and produces many premium products suitable for residential and business purposes.

A reading or desk lamp is a useful addition to any hotel bedroom or office lacking in natural light - or where it may not be possible or economical to install powerful artificial lighting. Functions such as a dimmers, easily accessible on/off switches and adjustable arms come as standard with many products, providing extra convenience for the user. Lucide has a number of striking modern desk lights that come with rod-shaped lamp holders which provide directional light that is ideal for tasks such as reading documents or providing additional light when using a computer monitor.

Opting for one of Lucide’s models that includes an integrated LED lamp means an extended life expectancy of the luminaire, plus minimal long term maintenance. Coupled with the energy efficiency of LEDs in general, Lucide’s innovative designs help your customers to make significant cost savings over time.

Freestanding floor lamps are another convenient method of adding additional light to a space. Lucide’s range provides a huge variety of finishes, shapes and forms – and from traditional styles to contemporary designs.