Irwin Tools

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Irwin Tools began its history over 130 years ago. Charles Irwin was a pharmacist in the village of Martinsville, Ohio, USA. In 1884 he purchased and patented the rights to the ‘solid centre auger bit’, invented by one of his customers, a blacksmith. In 1885, Charles and four business partners formed the Irwin Auger Bit Company.

Around 40 years later, a Danish immigrant named William Petersen invented the first locking pliers at his blacksmith shop in DeWitt, Nebraska. He began selling the pliers from the boot of his car in surrounding towns, and soon patented his popular ‘Vise-Grip’ product. A company called Peterson Manufacturing was formed.

Irwin and Peterson joined forces in 1993, when American Tool Companies, Inc. (formerly Peterson Manufacturing) acquired Irwin. Today, Irwin Tools is one of the leading global developers and suppliers of innovative tools. Understanding the needs of the professional tradesman is vital to the company’s continuing success.

If you’re investing in clamping tools, drill bits, saws or saw blades, you’re sure to be satisfied by the uncompromising quality of Irwin.