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  1. Duracell Lithium 2032 Coin Battery - Pack of 2

    £2.49 £2.07 As low as £2.37
  2. Duracell Alkaline LR44 Coin Battery - Pack of 2

    £2.49 £2.07 As low as £2.37
  3. Duracell AAA Rechargeable Batteries - Pack of 4

    £9.99 £8.32 As low as £9.49
  4. Duracell 2025 Coin Battery - 2 Pack

    £2.49 £2.07 As low as £2.37
  5. Duracell 2016 Coin Battery - 2 Pack

    £2.49 £2.07 As low as £2.37
  6. Duracell LR44 Coin Battery - 2 Pack

    £2.49 £2.07 As low as £2.37
  7. Procell Industrial Battery - AA

    £0.99 £0.82 As low as £0.94
  8. Duracell 2025 Coin Battery - Pack of 2

    30% Off
    Special Price £1.74 £1.45 Regular Price £2.49
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The name Duracell is almost synonymous with batteries, and its copper top design is instantly recognisable even without the brand name being visible. Not surprisingly the founder of the company, Samuel Ruben, was the inventor the alkaline manganese battery, and the company he established is now the largest manufacturer of high performance alkaline batteries in the world.

Duracell is part of the Procter & Gamble Company, known for its rigorous attention to quality, reliability and value. It has six battery manufacturing facilities worldwide with it headquarters in Bethel, Connecticut, USA.

Duracell makes five main types of batteries including Common Use Batteries for photo/imaging batteries for cameras, hearing aid batteries, rechargeable batteries and chargers and special application batteries including lithium and zinc air batteries for devices like watches and home medical equipment. It also markets its own range of flashlights.

The culture at Duracell is caring and designed to nurture innovation by respecting the inventiveness of its employees. Corporate citizenship is integral to the culture, and around the world Duracell employees are encouraged to offer their time, care and skill to community projects. It also funds many large-scale projects around the world, such as hospital emergency care units and housing/urban development programmes.

The company continues to innovate with the launch of ever more efficient batteries such as Duracell Ultra with M3 Technology. In the future, Duracell has its sights firmly set on continuing to develop portable power, in new, innovative and more energy efficient ways.