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Aurora Lighting is an international company specialising in lighting for the worldwide market. Since 1999 the company has supplied 30 countries with lighting solutions and complete control and power systems

Its policy of innovation, quality and value has encouraged a new generation of architects and lighting designers to create stunning effects that were previously only seen in top end specification projects.

Aurora's products are so innovative, reliable and well-priced that they have become the standard by which other lighting systems are measured. With over 3,000 lines, you can find Aurora products fitted in offices, shops, bars, clubs, restaurants, leisure centres and exhibition halls and homes all over the UK.

The company takes its name from the aurora borealis or 'Northern Lights'. the spectacular natural light show that can often be seen around both the north and the south poles. This natural phenomena is a symbol for everything that Aurora stands for - breathtaking beauty, amazing atmosphere and endless inspiration.