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Health and Safety at work guide

“Health and Safety” – words guaranteed to generate a collective groan wherever a group of business owners or managers are gathered together. Having said that, work safety is important to everyone, whatever their role in a business. When an accident does occur, it matters to the employee who gets injured, obviously, but for you the employer it’s bad news too, as important contracts may not be fulfilled due to employee absence. Health and Safety products help businesses to operate as they should.

Duty of Care

An employer’s work safety “Duty of Care”, applies regardless of outside influences such as the weather. Our old friend, the Health and Safety at Work Etc. Act of 1974, requires that you carry out a Health and Safety Assessment and that needs to take into account any effect that adverse weather conditions may have on work safety or indeed the safety of anyone who comes on to your premises. Remember that “Etc” tagged on the end of the Act’s title? It means it covers people who are not actually at work, such as customers.

Employees also have a duty of care that they should be aware of – for their own and their colleagues’ work safety. That should be covered in the training they initially receive about how to carry out their jobs safely and effectively.

Smoke, Fire, Exit!

Your Health & Safety Assessment may well indicate situations where you need to provide specific items of equipment in order to fulfil your work safety obligations. This is where Lyco can help. Experience shows that the most popular items by far, are Kidde smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, fire blankets and Health and Safety signs (including emergency exit signs). You may need “No Smoking” signs to help prevent fire starting or signs to indicate designated Smoking Areas if you have any.

Safety under foot

Grit boxes may be needed so that you are prepared when adverse weather strikes and walkways etc. are ice-bound. Keep the boxes filled up with Lyco’s thaw granules. They become very popular each winter. If, despite all your best efforts, someone does have an accident, you’ll really need that First Aid Kit that you bought just to comply with the law!

Shut that door!

Lyco can supply all of these and more. For instance, fire doors need fittings and equipment to make them effective when there is a fire and to enable you to live with them when there is not. Straightforward door closers, or more sophisticated devices such as Dorgard and freedor, can all be found on

The Dorgard, a simple fire door retainer which holds the fire door open in normal circumstances to allow free passage but which automatically releases the door to close when the fire alarm sounds. It can even be set to release automatically at night. This one device helps with compliance with both disabled access requirements and fire safety and is approved by fire authorities.

If you need a closer for something a bit more heavyweight – then the Ryobi Large External Door Closer merits serious consideration. As its title suggests, made by leading manufacturer Ryobi , it’s perfect for heavy doors and for fire doors that need to be kept closed except for passage through. It’s an extremely robust unit and as such it is very popular for use in situations where doors suffer rough treatment such as schools and other public buildings.

Lyco can help

Whatever your particular work safety issue may be, if it needs a particular product or piece of equipment to resolve it, you can bet that Lyco will be able to help. In this day and age everyone has to take work safety seriously. Most people actually want to!

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