Task lighting gets the job done

Light is never more important than when there is a job to be done. Normal room lighting may be sufficient for most activities but there are times when you need a degree of focused light to highlight things in greater detail, in order to complete the task. And that’s where task lighting comes in!

These days there is task lighting to suit just about every kind of work or leisure activity. In this article we identify some of the more common tasks and put forward some lighting solutions to help you achieve that task.

Magnifier lights for close up work

Fine craftwork, such as needlework, miniature model making or artwork, or repairing intricate mechanisms like watches, involves handling very small components. Not only are they difficult to see but human fingers are so large in comparison that handling is also tricky. That is where magnifier lights are so useful.

Lamps like the Optic Magnifying Desk Light  with 1.5 X magnification make those small parts seem more manageable as well as saving eyestrain. It’s great for cross-stitch or tapestry work and even for reading books with tiny print.

If the task in hand calls for a magnifying mirror and task lighting, the Illuminated Swing Arm Magnifying Mirror provides both in one good-looking wall mounted unit.

Lights for reading the written word

People still read books, printed on paper and bound between covers. Some of the most popular task lighting products are reading lamps. Armchairs and beds are popular locations for enjoying a good book and both can be made more reader-friendly. And with the latter you ideally want a light that you can turn off whilst in bed, meaning you don’t disturb your partner.

The solution is a reading lamp which can focus its light on your book without lighting up the room. We recommend three task lighting products for this purpose. The Klosters Reading Light  in wood and chrome combines a bedside lamp with a small LED light at the end of a flexible arm, separately switched and infinitely adjustable to shine only on your page. It is usually wall mounted over the head of the bed.

The Arosa Reading Light does the same job but is styled differently and has an all polished chrome finish. Another wall mounted reading light is the Chamonix. Again this light combines the normal wall light with a small LED light on a flexible stalk for discreet reading in bed.

Working at your desk

In an office, whether in a commercial building or a home office, eyestrain from bright overhead lighting combined with fatigue can lead to lack of concentration. This obstacle to getting work completed can be avoided or at least minimised by task lighting. Desk Lamps can make all the difference.

A well designed desk lamp concentrates light on the desk top whilst preventing stray light showing upwards. Lyco recommend two excellent examples. For a traditional look, reminiscent of the grand bank managers’ offices of yesteryear, try the Banker Desk Light. Efficient as well as elegant, it is perfect for a solicitor’s office or your office at home.

Alternatively more contemporary but still elegant and highly efficient, is the Alpha Desk Light range. The Alpha lamps are all dimmable in three stages just by touch.

Hobby friendly lighting

Sometimes you need a light that can double as a useful task light and a normal everyday light. Swing Arm Lamps like the antique brass Junius Wall Light are perfect for situations where you want a neat, attractive wall light for most of the time that can be swung out over a craft table or desk when you wish to pursue your hobby. If you prefer your task lighting in a more contemporary, functional design, the Searchlight Low Energy Swing Arm Reading Light will provide another elegant solution.

Picture light perfect

On a slightly different note, task lighting also includes where a light is required to perform a specific task and illuminate a particular focus, such as a painting. In this respect picture lights fall under the task light banner. They are tasked with showing off your artwork to those within viewing distance. And as well as providing the correct level of light it almost goes without saying that they must complement the artwork itself in terms of looks.

With that in mind, our range includes the sleek and stylish Manet LED picture light, which offers a cool white image-friendly light and 180 degree tilt capability. As an alternative to LED you could opt for the more traditional Da Vinci picture light, which utilises two pygmy bulbs to light up your desired artwork.

I’m sure there are many more tasks that we could cover but for now hopefully these will provide some good options to maintain your concentration levels, reduce those tired eyes and enhance your enjoyment of the things on show. Most of all they should help you get the job done!

Need more options? Then take a look at our full range of Task Lights?

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