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There are thousands of pendant lights out there, and while some might say pendant fittings are ‘just’ ways to dress up bulbs, each has its own style, its own personality. The key is – of course – matching the pendant with the personality or style you’re trying to foster.

To save you hours of trawling through our expansive catalogue, we’ve brought together five of the most popular pendant designs out there.


The Zaragoza exudes low-key style. It uses a cylindrical shade of small concertina-like ridges, Zaragoza pendant rangemeasuring 40cm in diameter, or 60cm if a larger fitting is desired. In its cream finish (also available in green, red and black), the Zaragoza is simple but commanding in its appearance, suited to both modern and traditional spaces. For an even more striking look, black and red versions are also available.

Both sizes of the Zaragoza use three bulbs up to 60W, with screw fittings. To soften this powerful combo, the bottom of the shade is covered by a sheet of frosted glass, diffusing the pendant’s light.


The Ripasso comes in two sizes. The 24cm-high mini pendant takes a 40W G9 Halogen If you need a pendant that will bring visual punctuation rather than meld with a room, the Ripasso lights are worth considering. Made in Denmark, and consisting of a coloured blown glass teardrop-cum-conical flask shape finished with polished chrome fittings, these highly unusual pendants are an arresting presence.

Capsule, and the 41cm-high standard model a screw bulb of up to 60W. Five colours are available, and here choosing a shade is even more important than usual. The green and red editions glow with the vividness of boiled sweets, while black, white and grey versions are on-hand for a slightly less intense effect.


On the other hand, the Timba takes a much more neutral approach, while maintaining a Timba pendant lightsdefinite sense of style. Its shade is a simple cone of ribbed glass, helping to diffuse light output without reducing power. The Endon Timba takes a single 60W screw bulb, making its maintenance about as low as you can get. With a fresh and clean look, this pendant will suit modern spaces in particular, lending them a more breezy look than imposing or more intensely-styled alternatives.

The ceiling fitting and the domed housing of the glass pendant use matching brushed metal finished, and two types are available to help the fit with existing decor – Antique Brass and Polished Chrome.


If an ultra-modern clean look is what’s needed, the Hemisphere is perhaps the best of all the pendants Hemisphere telescopic pendant light

here. A fresh take on a traditional design, it uses a 520mm diameter coolie-style shade, but it’s made of tinted glass rather than fabric. The rest of the fitting is finished in polished chrome, giving the hemisphere a smart look that’s just as suitable for offices as modern homes.

A particularly flexible pendant, its height is easily customisable. The central rod is adjustable between 60cm and 80cm length, locked in place once perfected using a screw. The Hemisphere uses a 100W halogen bulb that produces bright, crisp output that’s put to good use both above and below by the glass shade.


And now for something completely different… the Phantom is a modernised take on the chandelier, each Phantom pendant light range
fitting home to seven curved metal arms holding a 40W Screw Candle bulb. Each shade is made of white fabric and together with the silver fitting it makes for a tasteful and neutral combination. A particularly classy pendant fitting, the Phantom looks the part in dining rooms.

A coordinated wall light is also available, and has its own on-off pull cord, giving a Phantom-filled room plenty of scope for quick lighting changes.

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