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New Build - Part 2 (Bedrooms and Bathrooms)

Author: Martin James
Published: February 28, 2013

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The modern bedroom is more than just a place to sleep, and finding the right balance between form and function can be surprisingly difficult. There is no more personal space inside any home than the bedrooms. While other rooms are designed to be communal, our bedroom is the sanctuary we retreat to at the end of the day to rest and relax.

However, the 21st century bedroom is much more than that. It has evolved into a multi-purpose space used not only for sleeping, but often for watching TV and working on the computer too, which makes choosing the right bedroom lighting more difficult than it might first seem.

As we continue our series of features on lighting a 2-bedroom new build home, we look at the key issues facing builders, architects, electricians or new home-owners in deciding on the ideal bedroom and bathroom lighting, plus we look at some great suggestions from the Lyco range.

Bedroom lighting: What to consider

A bedroom is a bedroom, right? Not even close. In most family homes the largest bedroom will typically be for mum and dad, with the children taking the smaller rooms. This lends itself to the lighting in the master bedroom being more upmarket and stylish, while the emphasis in the other bedrooms is more on practicality and function.

Regardless of the room size, however, it's important that your choice of lighting provides adequate light without overpowering the room, both in a physical sense and in terms of the amount of light produced.

An ornate chandelier-style pendant might be a touch of elegance in the master bedroom, but will look ridiculous in a small bedroom. And if you are thinking of installing a hanging fixture, bear in mind that the lower it hangs, the less effective it's going to be at illuminating the entire room.

At its most basic, lighting is about providing illumination, whether it's to set the mood for a romantic evening or provide enough light for the kids to play or do their homework. Fitting a dimmer switch gives you the flexibility to cater for every need, and can be particularly useful for parents with children who are afraid of the dark.

Master bedroom lighting

The bedroom is a place to relax and a luxurious feel can be key to achieving this. Good decorative lighting that offers both style and substance can certainly put a smile on your face and leave you suitably laid-back.

Recommended: Phantom 7 Light Pendant

The Phantom 7 Light Pendant certainly offers a great deal, especially if your master bedroom is on the larger side. A mixture of polished chrome and white fabric this adjustable pendant offers clean lighting and great illumination. It also has matching wall lights if you're looking for a co-ordinated theme.

Winding down

Taking it a step further, if you're the type who likes to sit in bed reading, having a bright hanging pendant shining in your eyes is less than ideal. A dimmer switch can help reduce the problem, but a better option is to invest in a dedicated reading light that can be controlled from the bedside rather than the main switch at the door.

Recommended: Junius Reading Light, satin chrome

The simple elegance of the Junius range makes it ideal for a modern bedroom, and the dedicated wall lamp is just the thing for some bedtime reading. The satin chrome finish is well complemented by the cream shade, and the wall lamp with adjustable arm is matched by floor light and table light alternatives.

Second bedroom lighting

The second bedroom is the smaller of the two, and so favours a functional rather than decorative approach to lighting so as to avoid overpowering the room visually. If its a children's bedroom, from a safety point of view, we'd recommend sticking with wall- or ceiling-mounted lights that are out of the reach of younger children.

Recommended: Tuscan 3-light fitting pendant, Taupe

For a bright and powerful pendant that won't overpower even small bedrooms, look no further than the Tuscan 3-light pendant. The attractive Taupe finish has a soft visual appeal, and the extensive range also includes floor, wall and table lamps should you wish to co-ordinate.

If you want to see more please take a look at our full range of bedroom lighting.

Bathroom lighting

For the purposes of safety, the bathroom is divided into three zones based on likely exposure to moisture, and bathroom lighting needs to have an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of anything from IP44 up to a maximum of IP68 (total immersion), depending on which bathroom zone you're talking about. If you're unsure about IP ratings or how these zones are measured, we'd strongly advise speaking to a member of Lyco's knowledgeable team before making any buying decisions. However, many of our bathroom lighting products are suitable for use in all three zones, and either way the IP rating is clearly marked so you're not left in any doubt.

Recommended: EON Directional Downlight, 230V, white

As the only directional IP-rated downlight on the market, this new addition to our bathroom lighting range is easy to recommend. The IP65 rating makes it suitable for use in Zone 1, plus it also comes with 90 minutes fire resistance certification. A choice of three colour options – white, polished chrome and satin chrome – available in both low-voltage 12V and conventional 230V variants makes it the perfect bathroom downlight.

Take a longer look at our bathroom lighting range.

In Part 1 we looked at Living Room and Hallway lighting.

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