LED office lighting makes business sense

It’s fair to say that fluorescent tubes and fittings have dominated office lighting for years. Problems with flickering and noise are mostly a thing of the past, but even the introduction of the energy-efficient T5 tube will not stop businesses upgrading to LED office lighting! Why you may ask? Well…

Main advantages of LED lighting in an office environment

An LED installation can improve energy-efficiency over older fluorescent lighting schemes by up to 50-60%. Plus there is the equally important matter of longevity. Many LED fittings have a 50,000 hour lifespan or more, so you’ll end up spending much less on maintenance. These differences alone can repay investment quickly.

LED focus provides double benefits

LEDs are like mini-spotlights. Their naturally directional light can be optically adapted to produce any beam angle. If widespread light is needed, LED chips can be tightly packed in multiple arrays and seated at varying angles for greater coverage and uniformity. This is in direct contrast to fluorescent, which needs a system of reflectors and louvres to work in an office environment, thus significantly reduces their efficiency.

LEDs are flexible and controllable, and lighting designers are exploiting that to produce neater, cleaner, more effective office lighting solutions. By installing LED office lighting you’ll maintain a healthy, happy, and productive workforce.

LED office lights

Lyco sells a wide selection of LED lights that are suitable for use in and around offices, including:


The Eco LED Light Panel is designed to slot into existing 600 x 600mm grids. Superbly energy-efficient, this is a great choice of replacement for a modular fluorescent installation, and unlike many older fittings it provides nowhere for dust, bugs, and bacteria to accumulate.


The perfect replacement for standard halogen recessed downlights, the Integral Evofire Downlight is fire-tested for 30, 60, and 90-minute ceilings, so it can be installed into a fire-rated ceiling whilst easily complying with fire safety regulations.

Other areas

The Eterna LED Flush Fitting with Microwave Motion Sensor automatically triggers light when it senses movement. It can be wired up with standard models to create a ‘slave’ system, where a series of lights is activated by one sensor.

4W LED Emergency Sign Box

Emergency friendly

The compact nature of LEDs allows slim, unobtrusive designs, which is evident in the 4W LED Emergency Sign Box. This fitting is perfect for added office safety and peace of mind. The legend panel is made of tough polycarbonate so you know this fitting is build to last.

With its modest 40mm diameter, the 3W LED Compact Emergency Downlight from Eterna blends discreetly with existing lighting schemes. This fitting is perfect for escape route lighting, where its 1.44 lux/4m output complies withBS 5266-7: 1999 light level requirements. This is a non-maintained fitting that only activates in the event of a power cut.

Out of the office

Moving outside the office then, the powerful 50W Slimline High Power LED Floodlight offers incredible 90% energy savings over its 300W halogen equivalent, and has a long 25,000 hour lifespan. This sleek fitting is ideal for lighting car parks, pathways, or landscaped areas.

Vulcan LED Batten - modern weatherproof LED lightAnother outdoor light is the IP65-rated Perform LED Batten, which is a good choice for building exteriors and covered or underground car parks. The Perform offers a 33% energy saving over fluorescent equivalents, together with a long 35,000 hour lifespan. Since it doesn’t radiate UV light, the Vulcan is also far less attractive to moths and insects than a fluorescent counterpart.

Simply LED

The future of office lighting is simply LED. It is increasingly more diverse, subtler, slimmer, smaller, and often just plain better than any other option.

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Charles Barnett Managing Director

Charles started Lyco in 1995 with just 4 enthusiastic employees and has grown it considerably over the past 25 years. Charles is also the Managing Director of Lighting Direct and newly acquired Online Lighting. He now has a team of 50 lighting experts working on growing Lyco Group to be the UK leader in lighting for both businesses and homes. Away from the office he is a keen cyclist and is proud to have cycled 1017 miles from Lands End to John O’Groats to raise money for a new residential centre for adults with multiple learning difficulties.