LED ceiling lights – our top 10

LED ceiling lights offer many benefits over fluorescent or incandescent alternatives. Aside from their incredible energy-efficiency and lifespan, the compact size of LEDs allows more flexibility in design. LED downlights and ceiling panels often fit into relatively shallow ceiling voids and are a cleaner, more hygienic lighting solution for hospitals, schools and offices. Surface-mounted fittings are also transformed in scope and performance by LED lamps.

At Lyco we keep a watchful eye on lighting innovation and trends and select only the best products for our customers. Here are our top 10 LED ceiling lights:

Ten top LED ceiling lights

Fireguard LED6 Dimmable Spotlight

This downlight offers an extraordinary 75,000 hour lifespan and a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee. Fire-rated, this LED6 is tested for 30, 60 and 90-minute ceilings, allowing crucial evacuation time for upper floors during a fire. Its impressive energy-efficiency easily surpasses the requirements of Part L Building Regulations.

Cavan 8W LED Downlight

Cavan 8W LED Downlight

To perfectly mimic the high quality light of a 50W low-voltage halogen equivalent, this superb downlight uses a special Robus LEDchroic LED module with an 8W Sharp Cob LED chip. Its smooth, crisp light is delivered in a well-controlled beam with extremely low glare.

Sysion RE 1130 Warm White LED Downlight

The Sysion is a premium / high-performance alternative to the Cavan. There are two main differences between these two fittings. The first is longevity – the Sysion has a 50,000 hour lifespan against the 35,000 hours of the Cavan, so it’s ideal for long hours of use. The second is that it can be customised via interchangeable bezels and diffusers.

LED Light Panel

LED light panel - cool white

An improvement over old fluorescent modular ceiling fittings, this panel fits directly into existing ceiling grids. Its 50,000 hour lifespan and energy-efficient performance will significantly reduce maintenance and running costs. This is an ideal fitting for offices, schools, hospitals, and many other environments.

Nexus 10 Pendant

Contemporary fittings like this Nordlux pendant are often suspended low over dining tables or desks. This concentrates their light and creates a feeling of intimacy, even in a busy setting. An LED spotlight is good for this purpose, as it’s naturally directional and wastes very little light outside of its specified beam. The Nexus is ideal for restaurants, cafes, bars, or the home.

Vulcan LED batten

5ft Vulcan LED Twin Batten

LED lights offer a variety of extra benefits over even the best modern fluorescent tubes. This LED batten not only slices a third off the running costs of a T8 fluorescent tube, but it’s also longer-lasting, tougher, immune to multi-switching, contains no mercury and is suitable for exterior use. Need we say more?

Prodisc LED Flush Fitting with Microwave Motion Sensor

This excellent LED flush fitting automatically switches on when it detects movement. To add to its capabilities it can be wired to a series of slave fittings, so that multiple lights are switched on by the same sensor. With its cool white 5000K output, the Prodisc is ideal as a money-saving LED fitting in environments such as hospitals or schools.

Carina LED Flush with Microwave Sensor

The Carina is a great alternative to the Prodisc. With its IP65 rating, this dust-tight and water-resistant luminaire can be installed almost anywhere, including outdoors or in bathrooms and washrooms. The subtle warm white light of the Carina is ideal for hospitality settings and residential use.

Davida 3-light LED Spotlight

Davida 3-Light Spotlight

Modern spotlight fittings such as the Davida often come ready-supplied with LED GU10 bulbs, so you’ll get years of service before any replacement is required. The Davida is a ceiling bar with fully adjustable light heads. Because the beam of an LED GU10 carries no IR heat and little or no UV, it is better suited for lighting sensitive objects such as artworks or textiles.

Acorn LED 3-Light and Track Kit

A track lighting system offers a little more versatility than a ceiling bar, as each light can be freely moved along a length of track as well as being angle-adjustable. The Acorn is ideal for lighting rooms and displays that are often altered. This light kit, which consists of 1-metre length of track and three spotlights, can be extended to a maximum 30 metres using separately available track lengths.

Investing in LED ceiling lights

Whether you’re an architect, interior designer, specifier, or end-user, LED ceiling lights deliver a new level of lighting performance whilst drastically reducing energy bills and the carbon footprint.

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