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Industrial Wall Lights – Vertical Lighting For Factories & Warehouses

The biggest spaces in an industrial building are lit from above, since this provides a wide spread of uniform light under which to work. So where will industrial wall lights be used? You get no points for saying “on walls”.

Some industrial buildings are simply designed, but many are sprouted with corridors, offices, restrooms, storerooms, washrooms, and utility rooms. These ancillary areas are more likely to use wall lights, perhaps at doorways, or to avoid taking up space on low ceilings, or for emergency lighting purposes. Outside, wall lights are useful for lighting paths or entranceways.

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Industrial lights are robustly built and often made from polycarbonate. This shatter-resistant material is difficult to damage by accident or vandalism and is unaffected by corrosion. Polycarbonate fittings are ideal for coastal regions, too, as they are invulnerable to airborne salt.

An example of this kind of product is the Horizon Bulkhead. Inexpensive to buy and run, this tough fitting is at home in industrial environments. It has a dust-tight construction and can withstand downpours of rain or low-pressure jets of water.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting remains switched on during a loss of mains power. It is divided into two main types: escape and standby lighting.

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In an industrial building, it may be necessary to close down hazardous processes before evacuation to avoid greater risk of life. This is the purpose of ‘standby lighting’. The Eterna Twin Spot Emergency Fitting can fulfil this role, with two adjustable spotlight heads that can be aimed exactly as needed. It can also be used in open areas to ensure visibility during escape. Note that this is a non-maintained fitting, which means it only activates during a power cut.

The Eterna Emergency Bulkhead is another non-maintained emergency fitting. In conjunction with a separately available legend set, it can be used for escape route applications, directing staff, visitors, or emergency services towards the nearest exit points.

Outdoor lights & IP ratings

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Outdoor industrial lights are characterised by functionality, with less emphasis on aesthetics. An IP rating is given to all outdoor lights. This tells you how resistant the fitting is to ingress of solid objects and liquids. For example, an IP54 fitting would keep out most dust and be rain-resistant. An IP65 fitting would be dust-tight and resistant to rain and low-pressure jets of water (making it easier to clean).

A weatherproof luminaire, suitable for industrial use, is the Eterna 11W IP65 LED Bulkhead. This fitting throws out 700 lumens of light, which is equal to a 60W filament bulb, and is ideal for lighting building entrances or pathways. It can be used in wet indoor areas, too, particularly where a low ceiling makes wall lights more practical. Wall lights around doorways are often a useful safety element, as they lessen the briefly blinding effect of walking from bright areas into dimmer ones.

An IP44 rating is something of a threshold in outdoor lighting. It means the fitting offers good all-round protection against ingress of rain and solid objects (above 1mm width). The Salcombe Round Bulkhead is IP44 rated and protected against damage by an enveloping steel cage.

Also rated at IP44 is the ESP GuardCam LED Security Floodlight. This multifunctional security light is triggered when it senses movement, and it records video or still photos of intruders. The GuardCam even includes an audible warning, which can play your own message or pre-recorded alarms.

Lighting technologies

A vital consideration for any large or complex industrial building is the type of lighting used and how economical it is to run. High-bay ceiling lights often use economical HID lamps or fluorescent tubes. Wall lights needn’t be expensive to run, either, especially now that LED technology is mature.

The Eterna 18.5W LED Semi-Flush is a good example of frugal LED lighting. This fitting has a versatile specification, but just as impressive is its luminous efficacy of 90 lumens per watt. LED lighting is shock- and vibration-resistant and performs reliably down to temperatures of about -20°C.

Vertical thinking

Wall lights are a logical solution to many industrial lighting needs.

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