Introducing Eutrac 3 circuit track lighting

The beauty of all track lighting lies in the ability to freely position lights without wiring constraints. This is useful for changeable applications such as galleries, exhibitions and retail displays. With most track lighting, any dimming or switching control has to be applied universally. All lights are run on a single circuit, so you dim them all at the same time and you switch them all on and off at the same time. So what is 3 circuit track lighting?

Triple your display lighting options

A 3 circuit track piece integrates three live copper conductors, running along its entire length. These conductors allow three lighting circuits to be individually switched or dimmed in the same installation. When you add a light fitting to the track or want to change its role, you assign it to one of the three circuits by means of a dial. This dynamic system allows unlimited fine-tuning of light, which is a great asset in any professional display environment. Click the infographic below to see how it can be used in a retail environment…

Take a look at how a retail environement can benefit from 3 Circuit Track Lighting

Lyco are now pleased to offer the Eutrac 3 circuit track lighting system to their customers. A wide variety of modular components are available for this system, all in a choice of white or silver-grey finish. These include:

Light heads

Take a closer look at the Bima 1 GU10 Spotlight HeadThe Bima 1 GU10 Spotlight Head takes either halogen or LED GU10 lamps and is especially notable for its versatile 340° rotation and 200° tilting adjustability. This fitting is suitable for smaller professional display spaces as well as hospitality or residential applications.Take a closer look at the Puri GU10 Spotlight Head
Similar to the Bima is the Puri GU10 Spotlight, which offers outstanding value for money. The 85° tilting adjustment is more restrictive than that of the Bima, however, which accounts for its lower price. The Bima and the Puri are both available in twin-headed versions.

For larger professional display environments or sizeable commercial or hospitality venues, the Euro Spot 35W Track Light Head provides an answer. Its relatively low maximum wattage is indicative of the energy efficient metal halide lamp it takes, which produces a phenomenal amount of bright white light. For exceptional colour rendering, a ceramic metal halide lamp is recommended.

Another powerful light head for the Eutrac system is the E27 Spot Track Head. As its name suggests, this takes regular E27 Edison Screw bulbs. PAR lamps are the light source of choice here, with a maximum wattage of 70W. Note that light output is likely to be less than the Euro Spot, but more than the GU10 fittings. Unlike the Euro Spot, the beam angle in this fitting is dictated by your choice of lamp output.

Take a closer look at the Forchini M Track Pendant

An unusual but useful option for the Eutrac system is the Forchini M 3 Circuit Track Pendant. This is great for providing ambient lighting and is especially useful where a relaxing mood is desirable. The gold interior of the pendant emphasises a warm output of light, which is ideal for hospitality or residential applications, or specific retail settings such as fashion or home furnishing shops.


Eutrac track pieces are available in 1m and 2m lengths, which can be cut to size for a bespoke lighting scheme. An expansive amount of track can be used, but the maximum load cannot exceed 3,840 watts.An example of 3 circuit track

The illustration below shows a piece of Eutrac triple-phase track. It includes an extruded aluminium profile and two PVC supporter profiles with embedded 2.5 mm2 cross section copper conductors. This design provides three independently switchable circuits with an earth connection through the aluminium profile.

Putting it all together

So far we’ve looked at triple-phase light heads and track pieces, but how is this 3 circuit system powered and pieced together? The Eutrac 3 Circuit Feed In delivers power to the track lighting system. Note that the position of the earth conductor must be aligned throughout the installation, so connecting pieces are all offered in a choice of left or right earth, or inside and outside in the case of angled connectors.

Take a closer look at the Eutrac 3 Circuit Feed InOur diverse selection of triple-phase track connectors allows any shape of installation you need. Included among them are straight connectors, cross- or X-shaped, flexible, T-shaped, and finally L-shaped for 90° corners. The connectors all have feed-in capability, allowing power supply at any junction.

The cheapest Eutrac component of all is the non-electric 3 Circuit End Cap, which gives a tidy finish to any linear track lighting installation.

Kits – easy openers

The Eutrac 3 circuit track lighting system is particularly useful for large display or task lighting installations, where a single circuit track installation may become unwieldy and cause compromise. Smaller track installations are achievable with convenient Eutrac 3 light kits, which still allow individual switching control over the included lights if required. The kits can be easily expanded using the aforementioned lights and accessories.

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