Dusk To Dawn Lights – More Than Just Lighting

Garden Spotlight

A built-in photocell is used in ‘dusk to dawn lights’ to automatically switch light on when darkness falls and off again at sunrise. Many such lights include a lux setting, so you can determine how dark it needs to be before they activate. Some have a manual override feature for regular on/off control. Dusk to dawn lights are not only convenient, but they also add an element of security to any home or business premises.

Automatic Lighting for Outdoor Spaces

Peace of mind lighting

Because dusk to dawn lighting operates automatically, it creates the illusion that a property might be occupied whether it is or not. That alone is enough to deter an opportunistic intruder while also bringing you peace of mind. Without any murky areas of concealment, criminals are always likely to move on to a more vulnerable target. If you combine dusk to dawn lights with a CCTV system, you should avoid most unwanted attention.

A welcoming sight

A business that operates late into the night such as a hotel, motel, or bar, wants the world to know its premises is open. Dusk to dawn lights let potential customers know you are there, at their service, and there’s no reliance on staff members switching light fittings on and off. The lights will routinely switch on exactly when visibility reduces, everyday, so that your business is always seen to its best advantage.

By choosing your dusk to dawn lights carefully, you’ll create a welcoming ambience that entices custom. The lights that attract customers will also discourage crooks. PIR lights are another useful deterrent against crime, startling any intruder with what is often a bright, stark light when it’s a modern floodlight. This is not desirable treatment for customers, but PIR floodlights can be used in areas not intended for public access such as back yards.


Plug and play outdoor lighting schemes are easy to design and surprisingly affordable. Because they use low voltage lights, they are entirely safe to install and require no electrician. Lyco sells an extensive range of Markslojd Easyfit 12 volt connectable lighting, including a diverse selection of products that can cater for most outdoor lighting needs.

The right lighting for the job

Using the right dusk to dawn lights for each location and purpose is vital for success, to either light a building for security purposes or show off a beautiful façade.

The Lutec Sunshine LED Solar Floodlight has a built in PIR Sensor and operates between dusk to dawn. This light is completely self-sufficient, recharging by day and switching on automatically at dusk.

Wall lights can be part of your dusk to dawn lighting scheme, too. Lyco recommends the Caris Outdoor Wall Light for a modern doorway or patio area. This is another offering from Markslojd, a Swedish lighting company with a worldwide reputation for excellent outdoor luminaires and decorative bulbs.

For a traditional hospitality business or home, the lantern design remains a firm favourite. The Coach Wall Up Lantern from Edit adds a Dickensian feel to the outside of any premises, though there’s nothing Victorian about its light source. This fitting is designed to accept only low energy fluorescent bulbs, so it commits you to eco-friendliness.

A second solar lighting option is the set of four garden stake lights Martello by Suri. These are great for accenting garden features such as trees, shrubs, or statues. Best of all, they’re free to run & environmentally friendly!

Martello Outdoor Solar LED Stake Light - Brushed Stainless Steel - Set of 4


Lighting control

With dusk to dawn control you’ll benefit from great lighting every night, with no further action required. Remembering to switch lights on or off is no longer necessary: you’ll have a light sensor to do both at just the right times. A garden lighting scheme can be installed with little effort or expense if you plump for the plug and play option. Other fittings will usually need an electrician. Either way, you’ll soon see the benefits of dusk to dawn lighting, as will your customers.

Please browse our full range of Dusk To Dawn Lighting products to find exactly what you need. Our friendly sales team is always on hand to offer specific guidance.

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