Display lighting – professional show-offs

Display lighting is designed not to draw attention to itself, but to show off things like artworks, museum exhibits, shop merchandise, theatre stages or trophy displays. Whatever your business entails, professional display lighting will get you noticed.


Here are just some of the display lighting possibilities available from Lyco:

Surface Mounted V Recessed

Display lighting comes in surface-mounted or recessed forms. The former is easy to install and easy to move if you need to change exhibits. For discreet, modern lighting that blends smoothly into the decor, recessed fittings fit the bill.

Track Lighting
Spotlight fittings are common in display lighting. Many are fixed in position, which is okay in some cases, but what if your display often alters? Track lighting lets you move spotlight heads along a track so you can place light anywhere in a room.
Even more versatile is a 3-circuit track lighting scheme, which gives control over three sets of lights in the same installation. You can switch or dim each of the three lighting groups to suit your needs using triple wall switches (dimming requires compatibility in the spotlight heads). This is not possible with standard track lighting, where all lights are controlled by a single switch.

Wire lights
An alternative to track lighting is wire lights. These are particularly useful on uneven or beamed ceilings and make a stylish choice in their own right. With wire lights, small LED or halogen 12V spotlights are suspended on a double wire that stretches across the room.

Picture lights
Pictures are found almost everywhere, whether in homes, hotels, museums, offices or restaurants. Doctors and dentists hang relaxing images in waiting rooms. Many of these applications benefit from picture lights, which draw attention to the art and help create mood.
LED technology is useful in picture lights because, unlike halogen, it does not project IR heat and comes in a choice of colour temperatures. You can choose a colour of white that enhances the picture. Warm white flatters skin tones in a portrait, for instance.

LED Flexi-strips
Suitable for a variety of purposes are LED Flexi-strips. The easy-to-install strips can be fitted along shelves, under kitchen cabinets or inside display cabinets. Normally, you won’t see the discreetly installed strips; only their eye-catching effect is visible.

Lighting an object from beneath creates a dramatic effect. Outdoors, Floodlights are used in this way to light tall trees. Inside, Uplighters are ideal for showing off sculpture, houseplants or other features.

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