Designing, planning and installing Restaurants and Bar lighting

Designing, planning and installing the lighting for a new restaurant opening or refit is a vital element to the process. Whether your customers demand a luxurious intimate dining experience, or prefer to grab fast food on the run, lighting will help create precisely the right mood.

Our dedicated projects team has many years of experience working with some of the biggest names in hospitality, creating bespoke lighting that allows our clients to create exceptional experiences for their customers. Striking a balance between the practical and aesthetic needs of a project is our specialty. We’ll go above and beyond to ensure the back of house lighting is safe and powerful enough for a busy kitchen, whilst behind the bar is illuminated with vibrant cabinet lighting or highlighted with spotlights for a unique look. Over table pendants suspended at just the right height, discreet embedded step lights for venues with lots of stairs and wall lights to create an intimate feel, in even the largest of spaces. Let us take the reins and do all the thinking on your behalf.

LED lights will offer savings in energy, running and maintenance costs. The average LED bulb uses around 90% less energy and far outlasts its traditional equivalent, so it’s easy to see why LED is the obvious choice for many hospitality businesses.

We offer a full range of commercial fittings for back of house lighting:




Emergency Lighting




We have a huge range of decorative lights for front of house areas. We stock lines from the biggest names in the world and can design and create bespoke lighting unique to you.


Over Table Pendants

Cabinet Lights

Ambient Wall Lights

Sign Lights


We excel at supporting well-known brands across multiple global locations such as Five Guys (we provided lighting across 119 outlets) and Franco Manca Pizza, who have 44 locations across the UK and Italy.

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