Buying Guides – Light Fitting Types

The choice of light fittings available to us now is wider than ever. Broadly speaking, they fit into three distinct types of fitting or cap, and this generally dictates the look of the lamp and light output you get.

Traditional Light Bulbs

These are what one might call traditional lamps, as we are all familiar with their appearance, having a light bulb or candle type shape in most cases. They are usually mains voltage and easy to change. They give a warm light and are mostly used in domestic lighting.

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Halogen Fittings

Over the last forty years, halogen fittings, in both mains and low voltage, have become extremely popular. Although mostly used in domestic situations, they are also used in display and security lighting. Their bright, crisp yet warm light makes it an ideal lighting source for many applications.

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Fluorescent Fittings

Most commonly seen as long, linear tubes, fluorescent lighting is everywhere you look in shops, offices, factories and commercial premises. Fittings can be made up of single, twin or whole banks of tubes. The cool light output from these tubes floods large areas of bright light uniformly and cheaply.

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