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Solar Lights

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Solar lights offer the ultimate cost effective lighting solution for your outdoors. The Sun lights your garden during the day, so why not let it do so at night too! Harnessing the rays of the Sun, solar lighting also allows you to place garden lights in areas that you normally wouldn't be able to reach with electricity. The fact that they use the power of the sun means any solar lights that you invest in won't cost you a further penny after purchase.

A few years ago solar lights were only deemed to be a novel way of adding a bit of feature lighting to your garden / outdoors but that has now all changed. Today it stands side by side with traditional lighting options and can handle pretty much any outdoor lighting purpose, including security.

Solar powered utility lighting

Our utility range of solar lights, focuses predominantly on a selection security lighting options but are not restricted solely to it.

Our range of solar powered floodlights and spotlights provide both contemporary style and security. Another bonus of solar lighting is that positioning of lights isn’t dependant on power source, meaning you can position your security lighting completely out of the reach of any intruder, giving you the satisfaction of knowing that your security cannot be tampered with.

Gardens by night - feature delight

As well as coming into their own from a utility aspect, solar lights have also improved immensely when it comes to providing a range of feature lighting for your garden / outdoors.

We stock an excellent range of solar powered feature lights. These range from fairy lights right throught to post lights, and include hanging lanterns, stakes and rock lights, amongst others. Also included within the range are a wide selection of extremely popular Dusk To Dawn lighting options.

By utilising all of these sun powered lighting options you can show off your garden in its full glory 24 hours a day without any on-going power costs!

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  1. Astron Solar PIR LED Floodlight

    Astron Solar PIR LED Floodlight

    From: £69.49 ex.VAT

    The Astron64 Solar PIR LED Floodlight is an award-winning security light from The Solar Centre, with an amazing ability to deliver a hundred 1-minute activations from a full charge.

    • Award winning commercial grade solar floodlight in a robust Aluminium casing with shatterproof glass lens
    • IP56 rated
    • Can deliver 100 x 1 minute activations per night once fully charged
    • Contains 64 natural white LEDs, equivalent to 150W Halogen
    • PIR can be mounted between 200 and 1200mm from the light
    • Solar panel can be placed up to 5 metres from the light with the 5 metre of cable included
    • Adjustable activation time and lux sensitivity
    • Size: Light - H 215 x W 165 x D 55mm
      Panel – H 137 x W 190 x D 25mm
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  2. Taper Solar LED Stake - Aluminium

    Taper Solar LED Stake - Aluminium

    From: £70.99 ex.VAT

    • Contemporary metal solar stake light with frosted glass diffuser
    • Aluminium finish, black alternative available
    • Each stake contains 1 x high power Daylight LED
    • Integrated solar panel is light activated allowing stake to light automatically at dusk and switch off again at dawn
    • Dimensions: H 670 x Diameter 130mm
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  3. Selene Solar Spotlights - Set of 2

    Selene Solar Spotlights - Set of 2

    From: £31.49 ex.VAT

    • Set of 2 solar spotlights each with 6 super bright LEDs. Can comfortably light a range of up to 20M
    • Set includes 2 lights, powerful 1.6W solar panel and fixings for stake, deck or wall mounting
    • At night, when the switch is set to on, the light turns on automatically at dusk and off automatically at Dawn. If the switch is set to off the unit will not operate at any time
    • IP44 Rated, protected against splashing water
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  4. Durham Solar LED Post Light

    Durham Solar LED Post Light

    From: £22.99 ex.VAT

    • Stainless Steel construction with a polycrystalline solar panel and 2 x super bright white LED bulbs
    • Up to 10 hours of light once fully charged
    • IP44 Rated
    • Manual on/off switch
    • Size: H 800 x Dia 75mm (Post) (115mm base)
    More Info
  5. Tamara Solar LED Security Light

    Tamara Solar LED Security Light

    From: £15.49 ex.VAT

    • Black, vandal resistant polycarbonate casing with built in security lock and prismatic diffuser
    • PIR movement sensor with 8M, 100 degree detection range
    • Solar powered, no fitting or electricity costs. Complete with intergrated solar panel and 3 rechargeable batteries
    • IP44 Rated, protected against splashing water
    • Dimensions: H 160 x W 120 x D 200mm
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  6. Solar PIR Porch Light

    Solar PIR Porch Light

    From: £21.99 ex.VAT

    • Includes floodlight with 8 super bright white LEDs, 0.6W polycrystalline solar panel and 4.8M cable between panel and light
    • Capacity for 8 hours light once fully charged with light output equivalent to 70W halogen
    • PIR movement sensor with 6.5M, 360 degree detection range. Lights automatically for 30 seconds at night when motion is detected
    • IP44 Rated
    • Size: H 40 (Light Unit) 130 (Solar Panel) x W 175 (Solar Panel) 130 (Solar Panel Base) 145 (Light Unit) x D 100 (Solar Panel Base)
    More Info
  7. Vortex Solar Shed Light

    Vortex Solar Shed Light

    From: £20.49 ex.VAT

    • Powerful mains free lighting solution designed primarily for use in sheds and outbuildings
    • 36 LEDs with three settings offering the ability to operate using 12, 24 or 36 LEDs
    • Powerful 1.5W solar panel allowing all year round use and 4.8M cable between light and panel
    • IP44 rated, protected against splashing water
    • Dimensions: (mm): H25 (Light Unit) 190 (Solar Panel) x W175 (Solar Panel) 180 (Solar Panel Base) x D140 (Solar Panel Base) x Diameter 145 (Light Unit)
    More Info
  8. Thea Solar Garden Spotlight

    Thea Solar Garden Spotlight

    From: £18.99 ex.VAT

    • Toughened polycarbonate casing in matt black finish
    • IP44 rated, protected against splashing water
    • Will comfortably illuminate up to 15M
    • Complete with fittings allowing stake, wall or deck mounting
    • Dimensions: H 580 x W 165 x D 138mm
    More Info
  9. Helios Solar LED Spotlight

    Helios Solar LED Spotlight

    From: £19.49 ex.VAT

    • Die cast aluminium body in Black finish
    • IP44 rated, protected against splashing water
    • Includes 3 x super bright white LEDs
    • Dusk to Dawn Sensor or manual on/off
    • Dimensions: H 400 x W 90 x D 170mm
    More Info
  10. Treviso Set of 4 LED Solar Stake Lights

    Treviso Set of 4 LED Solar Stake Lights

    From: £17.49 ex.VAT

    • Set of 4 stainless steel stake lights with semi opaque polycarbonate diffusers
    • Set includes 4 x stakes and separate solar panel
    • Cable supplied allows stakes to be placed 1M apart and 1.5M from solar pane
    • IP44 rated, protected against splashing water
    • Dimensions: H400mm x Diameter 30mm
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