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LED T8 Tubes

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LED T8 tubes were created as a modern replacement for incandescent or fluorescent tubes and offer true economy: LED tubes tend to use around half the energy of a fluorescent equivalent and boast phenomenal lifespans of up to 50,000 hours - sometimes more!

More environmentally friendly than their fluorescent counterparts, LED is a technology you can use and throw in the bin at the end of its useful life! As we’ve already observed, that might be a long time. Fluorescent lights require controlled disposal when you’re done with them.


As in any LED v fluorescent comparison, one of the advantages in replacing fluorescent with LED is that LED requires no warm up time. You get instantaneous light at full capacity! With fluorescent you need to hang around while mercury vapour pressure increases.

Naming convention

The T8 tube gives its diameter away in its name. Eighths of an inch are the increment in play, so if you multiply an eighth by eight (T8), you arrive at a one-inch diameter. A T5 tube would be 5/8ths of an inch, and so forth. Thus you can decipher the type of tube required by its girth!

There’s white, and there’s white

Our T8 tubes come in a variety of wattages, and typically in a choice of 400K cool white or 6400K daylight balanced output. Whatever model you go for, our LED T8 Tubes make a great choice!

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