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LED AR111 Reflectors

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AR111s are used to create dramatic, high contrast accent lighting and frequently employed as retail ceiling lights -often in large numbers. Enter into a modern era of lighting by switching to LED AR111 reflectors, and start saving significant money now! LED lamps are amazingly long lasting, cool running, shock resistant, vibration resistant, and eco-friendly.

The lifespan of LED lights is simply mind-boggling. You might still be a sprightly young thing; you might expect to see many more years and thousands of sunsets, but with LED lamps you’re in eminent danger of being outlived! For a business, that means less hassle and expense with lighting maintenance, and a money-saving performance that can provide return on your initial investment in very little time.

Facts and figures

Transforming some of our idle boasts into figures: if you’re replacing a halogen AR111 set-up with LED AR111 spotlights you’ll enjoy up to 80% in energy savings, and [perhaps] witness a staggering longevity of up to 45,000 to 50,000 hours! Compared to a standard incandescent GLS light this is up to 50x the lifespan, and around 15x the lifespan of a typical halogen spotlight.

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