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Fluorescent Tubes

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From tiny T4 kitchen display tubes to giant six foot T12 tubes, we have a great range of fluorescent tubes available, including unusual and specialist fluorescent lamps. We stock the very small T4 tubes, and along with T5 you can use these for kitchen cabinet and other display lighting. Although miniature, they give a bright output, ideal for task lighting.

The extremely popular T8 fluorescent tube is the fluorescent lamp of choice when it comes to covering large areas like office spaces, reception areas, or anywhere you need a comprehensive spread of bright light. We still stock the older style T12 'fat' tubes for use in more mature fittings.

Colours to suit

Fluorescent tubes are often available in a range of colours to suit a variety of environments. These include:

  • Warm White - warm and welcoming
  • White - general purpose
  • Cool White - bright, crisp light for offices and restaurants

Some lamps also come with a special Triphosphor coating, giving greatly improved colour rendering.

Fluorescent Lighting

Our specialist range of fluorescent lamps includes tubes for effective plant growth, high frequency fluorescent, shatterproof tubes, U shaped tubes, UV tubes for discos, fly killer tubes and daylight tubes for a more natural light and for environments where accuracy of colour is essential.

Simple installation and repair

Here at Lyco, we also stock top branded tubes and ballasts, so you can save money by repairing existing fittings, and what's more, they are easy to install.

For a more in-depth look in to the types of fluorescent tubes available and their uses see our Fluorescent Tube Guide.