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GX53 bulbs in their original form are an alternative compact fluorescent disc lights (CFL). Their main advantage is their physical size. In their 9W or equivalent form GX53s have a shallow depth of just 24mm, whilst the brighter 13W GX53 lamps are 37mm deep. This thinness makes the GX53 lamp ideal choice for areas where space is truly limited.

Other advantages of using the GX53 lamp are:

  • Negligible heat output.
  • Uniform distribution of light
  • Long lasting, around 10 times longer than halogen
  • Super slim design
  • Available in various wattages
  • Choice of colour temperatures

Simple to fit thanks to twist and lock pins, GX53s are classed as low energy lamps, offering energy savings of approx 80% in comparison to halogen bulbs. All GX53 lamps are mains powered and have the necessary components built into them (including an integrated ballast).

Ever improving

GX53s are a constantly improving bulb technology, exhibited by the new wave of GX53 LED bulbs which offer you instant light.

Compliant and ultra useful

Perfect for under shelf lighting, display cabinets, corridors, cupboards, work surfaces, attics etc, GX53 bulbs are building regulations compliant for use in new build properties and low energy schemes.

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