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Energy Saving PAR Bulbs

Energy-saving PARs, or CFL PARs as they are sometimes referred to, deliver high performance whilst only using roughly a quarter or even a fifth of the energy of a halogen equivalent. That’s definitely something to consider if you’re looking to replace hot-headed PARs with something more economical.

Bearing in mind that halogen technology uses 90% of its power to generate heat, it’s fair to say that an energy-saving PAR is not just lower-powered - it’s cooler too.

Longer life

Another major advantage of CFL PARs over halogen is lifespan. Energy saving bulbs typically last 8,000 to 15,000 hours against that of halogen’s usual 2,000 hours.

Incandescent alternatives

If you’re seeking an affordable replacement for incandescent PAR reflectors, pick up one of our energy-saving PAR lights and reap the benefits alternatively if you want to go a step further take a look at our range of LED PAR Reflectors.

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