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Coloured GU10 Bulbs

GU10 coloured bulbs are the fun version of the popular bulb. A GU10 bulb is a mains-only, ceramic-based version of a multifaceted reflector, and was brought into being by pioneering manufacturer Sylvania in the later 1990s. These versatile lamps are used in an expansive variety of applications, ranging from retail track lighting to household ceiling plates, to desk lamps.

If you spice the GU10 with colour the possible uses become narrower, but when you think of coloured spotlighting it isn’t too difficult to dream up some possible uses. Coloured accent lighting would be one, where a particular hue might add ambience and charm to an interior. You might want to get creative with a retail display, or perhaps you’re in the hospitality trade and want a way of adding mood?

GU10 bulbs are traditionally halogen, and halogen is cheap, it’s effective, it’s colour-accurate by design. But LED is commonly sneaking into the GU10 market as a more energy-efficient alternative. LED lights don’t depend on the multi-faceted design in the way that halogen does, but still they’re a popular choice of low-maintenance, long-lasting replacement for the incandescent equivalent. As with all forms of lighting, there is no clear-cut winner unless it’s decided by you and your particular needs.

Choose your colour, choose your desired technology, and get creative with Coloured GU10 bulbs! If you need any buying guidance or want a specific point clarified, you can get in touch with us. With years of lighting experience behind us, we at Lyco have enough knowledge to help you with the finer details of your particular project.

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