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Coloured Low Voltage Bulbs

MR16 and MR11 lamps are typically low voltage, and commonly come in halogen or LED forms. The incandescent (halogen) variety can run off of a regular low voltage transformer, whereas LED low voltage bulbs ideally require an LED driver. An LED Driver delivers a finely regulated current, which is necessary because LED lights are sensitive to fluctuations in voltage, and are likely to suffer permanent damage and a shorter lifespan if hooked up to a regular 12V transformer. The minimum wattage load in an LED driver is also correspondingly low or non-existent.

Now we’ve sorted the voltage, perhaps we can look at other pluses and minuses. A coloured LED reflector offers astonishing lifespan - up to 50,000 hours against a halogen lamps span of 2,000 to 4,000 hours. This is simply because there’s no filament to burn out - LED lighting is solid-state and is resistant to vibration and shock. The other major plus for LED is energy efficiency, with power usage massively reduced over an incandescent equivalent.

On to coloured halogen, well, they’re cheaper, they last a respectably long time without being glacial, and being incandescent they’re nearer to natural light than LED - which often makes crisp, halogen light a good choice for displays.

Feel the heat

We needn’t discuss heat with LED lamps because it’s negligible, but in halogens it isn’t. Some MR16 or MR11 lamps are dichroic, which is to say they dissipate infra-red heat rather than reflecting it. The advantage of this is a cooler light less harmful, potentially, to nearby objects, but such lamps can only be fitted in fixtures that allow heat dissipation. Halogen reflectors tend to be glass-fronted in order to protect the delicate halogen capsule within.

Colourful ideas

Low voltage spotlights are great for producing light that is bright in every way. You can creatively enhance interiors by producing wall-washing accents of a particular hue, or maybe you want to spice up a display? A variety of available beam angles will help you to focus coloured light in a particular area, and to maximum effect!

Different sizes, different types, but all of these colour low voltage choices have one thing in common - us! You can order from Lyco in the sure knowledge that you’ll benefit from the best in customer service and diligence.

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