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Emergency Lighting

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Emergency lighting plays a crucial part in any business, as the safety of your staff and customers is paramount. Our range of emergency light fittings, exit signs and conversion kits allow you to fulfill your obligations, look after your staff and customers, and all without it having to cost the earth.

At the same time there is no need to sacrifice the interior design of your premises, as we stock functional and decorative emergency light fittings that easily complement your existing lighting.

The purpose of emergency lighting itself it to ensure that your employees and visitors can safely find their way to exit routes in the event of an emergency, even if a power failure occurs.

Definition of Emergency Light Fittings

Maintained Emergency Lighting: Illuminated all the time

Maintained emergency light fittings are designed to provide constant illumination and have integral batteries to power the fitting for 3 hours if there is a power failure.

Government fire safety codes require certain premises to install maintained emergency lighting. These include theatres, restaurants, pubs, concert / exhibition halls and stadiums - anywhere the primary lighting may be dimmed and where people may consume alcohol. The light will remain on even when the power fails.

Non-Maintained Emergency Lighting : Illuminates only when power fails

Certain premises (e.g. those with fewer than 250 people present at one time) can use a non-maintained emergency lighting system if preferred, which is switched on only when the power fails. As with maintained they run for 3 hours using built in batteries.

Dual Purpose: Maintained / Non-Maintained

Can be installed as either maintained or non-maintained to suit requirements.

Wide Choice of Emergency Lights & Signs Available

Lyco's wide range of emergency lighting and signs is sure to offer the emergency fittings you require for your premises. Choose from:

  • Emergency exit signs with flexible legends. Some signs are also lit by maintained or non maintained emergency lights.
  • Recessed fluorescent emergency lights for unobtrusive emergency fittings.
  • Powerful halogen emergency spotlights for larger premises.
  • Sleek and stylish emergency ceiling lights and downlights that blend easily with other indoor fittings for discreet emergency lighting.

All our emergency lights are made from high quality materials such as steel and shatterproof polycarbonate, to give you emergency lighting that is reliable and long-lasting.

Matching Non-Emergency Lighting

Some of our emergency lights have a matching standard model which does not illuminate when mains power is off. This allows you to have a smart looking office or other building in which all the wall/ceiling lights look the same.

Energy Efficient Long Life Lighting

Our emergency lights make use of various light sources according to their design. LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes), fluorescent tubes and low energy lamps are perfect for maintained fittings, as they are long lasting and highly energy efficient. As non-maintained emergency fittings are designed to be lit for only a short period of time, bright and powerful lamps such as Halogen are ideal, especially for large premises that require very bright emergency lighting. For more information about emergency lighting check out our guide.

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  1. 8W Recessed Emergency Fitting - White

    8W Recessed Emergency Fitting - White

    From: £24.99 ex.VAT

    The white 8W Recessed Emergency Fitting from Eterna can be fitted as a maintained or non-maintained emergency light, and comes with an energy-efficient T5 tube.

    • Steel body with White finish
    • Polycarbonate diffuser
    • Install as maintained or non maintained
    • Complete with 8W mini T5 fluorescent tube
    • Size: L 410 x W 125 x D 90mm
    More Info
  2. Emergency Low Energy Flush Fitting

    Emergency Low Energy Flush Fitting

    From: £42.49 ex.VAT

    • White Polycarbonate base with Prismatic diffuser
    • Integral high frequency ballast, flicker free start. Extends bulb life by approx 50% compared to standard options
    • 12,000 hours average bulb life expectancy
    • Can be installed either maintained or non-maintained
    • IP65 Rated
    More Info
  3. Prodisc Emergency LED Flush Fitting with Motion Sensor

    Prodisc Emergency LED Flush Fitting with Motion Sensor

    £110.00 ex.VAT
    • White polycarbonate construction and diffuser
    • Cool White, 5000k, LED array
    • Microwave sensor with 3 hour maintained emergency kit
    • Choice of 4 pre-set detection ranges and 4 pre-set lux levels
    • Ability to sense movement through solid objects, such as doors, so will activate before the room is entered
    • Time lit once activated adjustable between 6 seconds and 15 minutes
    • Standard or Dual mode options - can be set to either turn off or 'power down' when no more motion is detected
    • Can be linked to standard options to activate all lights in the circuit
    • Size: D 110 x Dia 348mm
    More Info
  4. 1.5W LED Compact Emergency Downlight-White

    1.5W LED Compact Emergency Downlight-White

    From: £19.99 ex.VAT

    The 1.5W LED 3 Hour Compact Emergency Downlight in white is a discreet emergency light.

    • Supplied with both Satin Silver and White finishes
    • Non-maintained
    • Pre-wired for easy installation
    • LED glows green in standby mode and bright white in emergency mode activating in the event of mains lighting failure
    • Light output 36 Lux at 1M to 1.44M Lux at 5M
    More Info
  5. 4W LED Emergency Sign Box

    4W LED Emergency Sign Box

    From: £20.99 ex.VAT

    • Includes polycarbonate legend panel with down arrow
    • Steel body with removable gear tray and LED charge light
    • Alternative legend panels with left, right and up arrows available separately
    • Includes diffuser on base for added downward illumination of exit path
    • Includes facility for remote switching
    More Info
  6. 8W Universal Emergency Fitting - Self Test

    8W Universal Emergency Fitting - Self Test

    From: £58.49 ex.VAT

    • White finish
    • Dual Purpose
    • IP20
    • 2 Year Guarantee
    • Size: L 350 x D 80mm
    More Info
  7. 8W Recessed Emergency Fitting - Maintained

    8W Recessed Emergency Fitting - Maintained

    From: £50.99 ex.VAT

    • Designed for continuous use - can be wired as maintained or non maintained
    • High Frequency & energy efficient fluorescent fitting
    • Opal diffuser
    • Chrome and white accessory plates to suit your decor
    • 8W Fluorescent tube included
    More Info
  8. Extra Small LED Emergency Light - Graphite

    Extra Small LED Emergency Light - Graphite

    From: £73.99 ex.VAT

    The Gamma Extra Small LED Emergency Light is discreet enough to be either installed independently or added to an existing luminaire, and delivers 100% output in just two seconds.

    • Graphite finish
    • Extra small, only 50mm diameter
    • Powerful 3 watt light
    • 3 hour battery back-up
    • Non-maintained emergency light
    • Size: D 36 x Dia 50mm
    More Info
  9. T5 Recessed Emergency Fluorescent Fitting

    T5 Recessed Emergency Fluorescent Fitting

    From: £82.99 ex.VAT

    The T5 Recessed Emergency Fluorescent Fitting delivers a smooth performance with great energy efficiency, whilst providing a significant level of back-up light during a power cut.

    • T5 recessed fluorescent emergency fitting
    • Maintained fitting, will also provide up to 3 hours back-up should the power fail
    • Complete with CAT2 louvre
    • High frequency for extended lamp life and flicker-free start up
    • Requires 4 x 14W T5 Fluorescent Tubes, sold separately
    • Size: L 619 x L 595 x D 96mm
    More Info
  10. Carina 28W Emergency Fitting - Polished Chrome

    Carina 28W Emergency Fitting - Polished Chrome

    From: £55.49 ex.VAT

    • Low energy emergency fitting with Polished Chrome finish and opal polycarbonate diffuser
    • Provides 3 hour battery back-up in the event of power failure
    • Removeable gear tray with retaining strap for easy installation and maintenance
    • Can be wall or ceiling mounted
    • IP65 rated
    • Complete with 28W low energy 2D 4 pin bulb
    • Size: D 105 x Dia 334mm
    More Info

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