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Watering Systems

A wide range of products is available from Lyco under the watering systems category, from simple hoses to computerised timers. Some of the main products are summarised here:

PVC reinforced hoses

These economical hoses come in a variety of lengths, with or without fittings and spray guns. Reinforced hoses retain their shape well, and are unlikely to kink or burst. Hose pressure decreases over distance, so never buy a longer hose than you really need.

Hose reels

For the sake of tidiness, a hose reel provides integral storage for your hose once you’ve watered the garden. Many have other ergonomic features, such as a carrying handle and the facility for wall storage.

Pressure sprayers

Pressure sprayers overcome the restrictive nature of hoses by allowing you to freely move with the water vat on your back.

Water computers/timers

Water computers (or timers) allow you to set an automatic watering schedule for the garden, and come with all necessary tap fittings and couplings.

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