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Lumea are specialists in the art of ambient lighting, offering a range of Liquid Wax Candle Lamps or rechargeable candles that deliver all the benefits of regular candlelight without the inherent risk. If you’re in the business of hospitality, Lumea products are a great way of creating mood, and in creating that mood they’ll help create lasting memories in the minds of your customers.

Founded in 2002, Lumea’s core business has always been the sale of Liquid Wax Candles, Candle Lamps as well as Chafing Fuel for food-heaters. The lamps, which Lumea produce in wide variety of designs, burn cleanly, without smoke or odour, and self-extinguish if knocked over. An inexpensive alternative is offered in the form of rechargeable LED candles, with flickering lamps to create the illusion of a real flame.

If creating ambience is paramount to the success of your business, Lumea are sure to offer an attractive, cost-effective solution to suit your needs. Look for their name and benefit from a decade of experience in mood-making.

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