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Useful Garden Maintenance Calendar

Author: Glenn Harper
Published: June 18, 2014

Garden maintenance is work that some people relish and others dread. The second party prefers the wild garden, where a weed is “a plant whose virtues have never been discovered”, as Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote.

If your business relies on a garden for part of its revenue or reputation, keeping it maintained and well planted is vital. Visitors can enjoy this space even in the cooler seasons if the garden is regularly tended.

To aid in your never ending task of keeping your outdoor areas and gardens looking fit for browsing we have put together a useful gardening maintenance calendar complete with handy tool suggestions for each job.

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This is the month that many people long for—the beginning of summer! Stick to the regime of weekly mowing and weeding. Other tasks this month include: staking tall flowers, pruning spring-flowering shrubs, planting amaryllis and dahlia bulbs, watering and fertilising plants.

Watering systems - hoses, sprayers, controllers & more

As the year warms up you’ll need to keep your lawn and plants fed and watered. Lyco offer various watering systems to assist with this, from the humble garden hose to an electronic timer. Sow seeds for ornamental kale and flowering cabbage, which add interest to an autumn and winter garden.


A month when you can sit back and enjoy your garden at its peak! You’ll need to keep up the watering and weeding and deadheading of plants. A weekly mowing of the lawn is still in order. This is a good month for any exterior painting or varnishing.


August sees the summer system of watering, deadheading, and mowing continue. Summer-flowering shrubs should be pruned once they’re finished blooming. If you’ve been growing vegetables you’ll be harvesting many of them now.

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Bulb Planter

This is a busy month for harvesting vegetables. Hoe flower borders regularly to keep down weeds. A regular Dutch Hoe is fine for this task. Tools with fibreglass handles need less maintenance than wooden handled tools, though some prefer the traditional feel and flexibility of wood.

During a dry September you’ll continue the weekly lawn-mowing habit. This is also the month for planting perennial seeds and spring-flowering bulbs like crocuses, daffodils, irises, and tulips. Lyco sells a set of 2 Faithfull hand tools to help with this kind of work. A bulb planter is also available.


October is the time for cutting back perennials, pruning climbing roses, and clearing up fallen leaves. A selection of blower vacuums is available from Lyco for clearing leaves and other debris. Petrol versions are often more powerful and mobile while the electric models are easier to maintain.

Scarifier and aerator

This month is the last chance for lawn care. A process of scarification, aeration, and top dressing is wise. This removes unwanted elements like moss, helps the lawn to take in sustenance, and enriches it with a thin layer of surface soil. Two of these stages are possible with the Einhell SA1231 Electric Scarifier and Aerator.


November is strewn with leaves, which are removable with the aforesaid blower vacuum. Those that like honest labour might prefer a leaf rake, which is lightweight, durable, and won’t damage the lawn.

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Bypass 30-inch Ratchet Loppers

This is the month for harvesting leeks, parsnips, root crops, sprouts, and winter cabbage. Maybe you’re a high-class restaurant that grows its own produce?

Another December task is the pruning of open-grown apple or pear trees, acers, birches, and vines. The Faithfull Bypass Ratchet Loppers are useful for this job. Also needed are bypass secateurs and a pruning saw, which are available together from Lyco in a Faithfull twin pack.


Time to recycle your Christmas tree(s) for mulch. Cut the longer branches from the tree using loppers or secateurs and use them to shield perennials from frost. You could use a shredder to utilise the whole tree, ending up with a fragrant pine needle and wood-chip mulch. We sell the Einhell Rapid Garden Shredder for tasks like this.

Rapid Garden Shredder

You may choose a milder period in January to reshape lawn edges with a sharp edging iron. A plank of wood acts as a guide to achieve a straight edge. This is also the month for transplanting trees and shrubs, before they begin to leaf. A digging spade is useful for this job.


February is a month for pruning winter shrubs that have finished flowering. Clear leaves or debris from around spring bulbs and protect them with mulch if the weather turns cold.

Toward the end of February is a good time for pruning evergreen hedges and tidying overgrown deciduous hedges. One of our hedge trimmers will make your work easier. Now is the time to sharpen your tools, too, perhaps with the Bahco Tungsten Carbide Sharpener.

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Digging Fork with a steel shaft

The time for planting summer-flowering bulbs. Roses are pruned and fed and any plants grown for winter colour (e.g. dogwood and willow) should be cut back.

Weeds might surface in March. Those with shallow roots are removable with a hoe, while a digging fork will unearth deep-rooted weeds. A dedicated weed puller eases the task.


April requires sustained weed control. This is the month for sowing hardy annuals, herb seeds, and a new lawn if necessary. Aerating the lawn allows water to penetrate deeper into the soil and reduces the need to water during hotter months. You can use a border fork for this.

Self propelled lawnmower - the g48tbq takes the hardwork out of mowing lawns

A regime of regular lawn mowing starts in April. Ensure the mower blades are sharp to avoid damaging your lawn. We offer a choice of lawnmowers, including a self-propelled model for larger or uneven lawns.


This is when things warm up, if we’re lucky. By this time you’ll be mowing the lawn weekly. Continue to hoe weeds and trim hedges, being careful at this time of year not to destroy bird’s nests. Now is the time to plant shrubs that prefer warmth, such as hydrangea and fuchsia. Deadhead plants with secateurs so that new flowers can bloom.

This is also a time for planting bare root roses and other shrubs, as well as tulip bulbs for a spring display.

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And there's more

So there you have it. Hopefully that's given you some useful tips for maintaining your outdoor areas / gardens. Obviously each outdoor area provides its own challenges (some bigger than others), so why not take a look at our full range of garden maintenance equipment.

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