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Top LED bulbs

Author: Glenn Harper
Published: September 8, 2014

If you want light bulbs that last for years, LED bulbs are the answer. They cost a little more than the incandescent bulbs of old, but with much greater lifespan and increased efficiency you'll save a significant chunk of change in the long run. There are countless LED bulbs out there, so which should you go for?

In this article we'll introduce some of our more popular LED light bulbs.

Standard LED bulbs

The bulbs discussed below (1-3) originally used incandescent technology and are now widely available in halogen form. However, EU legislation will see most halogen bulbs phased out in the near future, leaving energy-efficient fluorescent or LED replacements. You can save money right now by switching to standard LED bulbs.

1. LED GLS Bulbs

View our full range of LED GLS BulbsA GLS bulb is the standard pear-shaped filament bulb that most of us are familiar with. This can be replaced with a retrofit LED bulb for much lower running costs and a longer lifespan. One economical option is the non-dimmable Philips CorePro LED GLS, which uses up to 85% less energy than incandescent equivalents and lasts 15 times longer.

Another Philips offering is the stylish MasterLED GLS Bulb. This dimmable bulb offers a long 25,000 hour lifespan and inspires confidence with a manufacturer’s guarantee of 3 years.

A greater initial outlay should result in a higher specification. For instance, the Megaman 8.5W LED GLS is dimmable and boasts a remarkable 50,000 hour lifespan. This lifespan will extend into decades based on typical home use of 3 to 4 hours per day.

2. LED Candle Bulbs

View our full range of LED Candle BulbsA more elegant LED bulb type is the candle, which is designed to resemble a flame. The Crompton 3W LED Clear Classic Candle Bulb looks and feels like a traditional incandescent candle with its all-glass enclosure. It comes from the ‘Manor House’ range and uses nearly 90% fewer watts than a 25W equivalent filament bulb.

If a 3W LED isn't enough for your needs, Lyco’s very own 6.5W LED Clear Candle Bulb matches a 40W incandescent candle. This bulb gives great value in all directions, with dimming capability, a long 25,000 hour lifespan, and an encouraging 3 year guarantee.

3. LED Golf balls

View our full range of LED Golfball BulbsJust like LED candles, LED golf balls are often used in decorative pendants and chandeliers as well as compact light fittings.

The Integral 3.8W LED Clear Golf Ball Bulb lasts for up to 25,000 hours and matches a 25W incandescent equivalent with its output. This budget non-dimmable bulb is perfect for use in small table lamps or wall lights.

A prettier bulb for decorative light fittings is the dimmable Philips 6W MasterLED Golf Ball Bulb. Note the ivory-effect body and the attractive ‘lotus lens’ at the centre. This style of Philips bulb is also available in LED candles.


As a naturally directional light source, LED is an economical technology when applied to spotlights. It wastes very little light outside of specified beams and it lasts for years, saving substantially on lighting maintenance and re-lamping costs.

4. MR16 LED Bulbs

View our full range of LED MR16 Spotlight BulbsThe low voltage halogen MR16 is one of the most popular bulbs in the world, but now there are energy efficient alternatives. One attractively priced choice is the non-dimmable Philips Master LEDspot 4W MR16 Spotlight. This is 80% more energy efficient than its 20W halogen equivalent, but is equally remarkable for its long 45,000 hour lifespan and generous 5 year guarantee.

A slightly more powerful bulb is available in the GE Lighting 7W MR16. This 35W equivalent offers dimming capability and a choice of beam angles and colour temperatures. The manufacturer backs this bulb with a 3 year guarantee.

Moving up to a 50W equivalent, the Kosnic 6W LED MR16 Spotlight offers fantastic value for money at under £10 per bulb (including VAT). This model is non-dimmable, but is nearly 90% cheaper to run than halogen and lasts for 35,000 hours.

5. LED GU10s

View our full range of GU10 LED BulbsThe other main type of LED spotlight is the GU10. Unlike the MR16, this mains-powered bulb does not need a transformer for use. Philips' dimmable 5.3W LED GU10 offers an affordable way into LED spotlighting while still boasting a long 25,000 hour lifespan and a 3 year guarantee.

Also non-dimmable is the Kosnic HaloLED 6W COB GU10. One notable thing about this bulb is its use of a COB LED, which uses densely packed LED chips to produce an intense halogen-like light with exceptional uniformity.

Designed for 24/7 use in a hospitality environment, the dimmable Philips 8W LED GU10 offers 84% energy savings over halogen and a long 40,000 hour average lifespan. Use this bulb in track lighting systems, corridors, lift lobbies, display cases and cabinets.

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