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Top 10 New Kitchen Lighting Solutions

Author: Peter Hopper
Published: January 24, 2016

In recent times, kitchens have become places to eat and entertain as well as to cook. How do you light a room that serves multiple functions? It’s important not to over light – each light must have a role. Our top 10 kitchen lighting solutions will help you plan a new or revamped kitchen.

  1. LED Flexi-Strips
    Mainly used for mood lighting, LED flexi-strips can be fitted along kick boards or below kitchen cabinets. You can create a floating effect at a kitchen island by fixing them right around the base. The Integral 30W Daylight LED Light Strip Kit is ideal for this.
  2. Under-Cabinet Downlighting
    Often in the kitchen you’ll be working in your own shadow, especially at outer worktops. Under-cabinet lighting solves this by delivering light straight to the surface. Forum Laghetto LED Circular Cabinet Lights is practical, stylish and creates mood.
  3. Fluorescent Strip Lights
    Fluorescent fittings are a kitchen standard, and they’ve improved a lot over the years. Problems such as flickering no longer exist in fittings like the Eterna T5 High Frequency Strip light. Up to six of these can be linked, so you can create precisely the lighting scheme you need.
  4. Fire Rated Downlights
    Fire-rated products like the JCC Fireguard LED6 Dimmable Downlight are ideal for ambient lighting. A dimmable fitting allows control over lighting mood, especially when contrasted with other lights. Building regulations require recessed ceiling lights under occupied floors to be fire-resistant.
  5. Wall Lights
    Wall lights work well in a kitchen if there’s space. The Searchlight Fisherman Wall Light with its trendy copper finish suits a traditional room. You might install it over a breakfast bar or table, giving you extra light for reading the paper or even eating.
  6. Pendants
    Pendants work well over breakfast bars, kitchen islands or dining tables. The Elstead Provence Rise and Fall Pendant is inspired by an old French design. Install this over an island and set it high to light an entire food prep area or low as an intimate dining light.
  7. Flush Fittings
    For homes with low ceilings, flush fittings use as little vertical space as possible. They don’t have to compromise on style, either, as the Searchlight American Diner Flush Ceiling Light shows. This traditional fitting is inspired by the metallic lights that were popular in 1950s American diners.
  8. Track Lighting
    Track lighting allows spotlight heads to be moved freely along a length of track. This is ideal above the edges of a kitchen island or counter top. It’s especially useful with metallic surfaces, as the ability to change lighting angles helps control glare. Robus Acorn track lighting suits this role.
  9. Designer Looks
    If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen and enjoy entertaining, a designer light will make the space special. British company David Hunt has been making light fittings from the Cotswolds for over 100 years. Stylish items like the Yeats Pendant look great above a kitchen island or dining table.
  10. Plinth Potential
    Outdoor decking lights can be used as kitchen plinth lights. These tough little fittings can stand being splashed with a mop or kicked. Install them along the lower plinth section of your kitchen floor units. The Metro LED Light Set includes 10 lights, each giving an attractive blue glow for relaxing effect.

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