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Top 10 New Kitchen Lighting Solutions

Author: Peter Hopper
Published: December 24, 2013

The kitchen is the heart of the home, or so we are told. Certainly it is the powerhouse of most homes, where food is produced and most domestic activities are centred - in fact it’s usually the social hub of the house.

Domestic Role

In a domestic kitchen lighting has a vital role to play in creating the appealing style that is so important for the owner’s enjoyment of their new kitchen. It must light the kitchen effectively, complement the design and look good. It must make everything else in the kitchen look good too and at the same time not add to the potential high energy costs of the room.

Savvy customers

Thanks to TV and the internet customers are much savvier these days, so when large sums of money are to be spent on a new kitchen or re-furbishing an existing one they expect to be offered the best and most attractive items their budget will allow. Kitchen lighting is no exception. Lighting in general has improved almost beyond recognition in recent years and when replacing the old, everyone wants the latest and best available.

Our top 10

Here are Lyco’s top ten recommendations for kitchen lighting for your next new or refurbished kitchen project.

1. Flexi-strips

Glass fronted kitchen cabinets are like display cabinets.  Why not illuminate them with Deltech 5M LED Flexi Strip in warm white. These tiny LED lights in flexible strips are robust enough to withstand being kicked making them perfect for lighting up base unit plinths too. In fact they are designed to be walked on so you could set them into the floor in front of the plinths too. When connected via a controller and amplifier these amazing little lights are dimmable. You also get the incredibly long life and economy of LED.

2. Under-cabinet downlighting

Lighting under wall cabinets not only looks good but is highly practical, illuminating the work surfaces beneath. The Endon Set of 3LED Downlights is just the thing for this situation. They come in a satin chrome finish and provide the brilliant light and amazing economy that you only get from LEDs. The LED driver is included and, like all LED lights, they are extremely robust. With a depth of only 22mm they can be set flush in the bottom of the cabinet if required.

3. Fluorescent striplights

Fluorescent fittings have long been a kitchen lighting standard. An up-to-the-minute offering of this kind from Lyco is the Eterna T5 High Frequency Striplight with diffuser, 21w.  A versatile and compact unit, it can be installed individually or as many as six can be linked together using the special link lead that comes with each one. Each unit has its own on/off switch enabling it to be switched independently of the others even when linked. The tough polycarbonate diffuser completes a durable fitting that can be installed either above eye level or below. Installation is quick and simple.

The electronic starter used in these lights provides instant lighting without that irritating flicker you get with many fluorescent lights. Economy is ensured by the ‘B’ Energy rated T5 tubes supplied with each fitting.

4. Fire rated Downlights

Spotlights are great for kitchen lighting, directing light to just where it’s needed and JCC Fireguard LED7 Dimmable Downlights White, Warm White take some beating. The white finish is one of several choices, as is the warm white light output. As the name implies these lights are fully tested for fire safety for 30 minute, 60 minute and 90 minute ceilings so that they fully comply with part B of today’s Building regulations. These lights feature an intumescent filling which activates in the event of a fire ensuring that the light doesn't become a conduit for the fire. This is in line with the recommendations of the Electrical Safety Council’s report on Downlighters and Fire Safety. They are designed to replace existing downlights by fitting in the same holes if required. They are also IP65 rated so moisture is no problem. Being LEDs, you get brilliant light with astounding economy, saving 80% on electricity consumption. The LEDs have a life expectancy of  75000 hours which is the equivalent to ten years use in a domestic installation.

5. Wall lights

Wall lights can provide a very pleasing effect, especially the Hove Wall Light – Large, with its light spreading both upwards and downwards. The white plaster finish means the lamp itself is unobtrusive and will suit any colour scheme. It comes complete with two halogen capsules to give both excellent light output and economy. This one will certainly add a touch of class to the kitchen lighting.

6. Pendants

Here is an option for the more traditional style home or even a modern house in the style of a country cottage. In fact any retro-style kitchen could embrace the Fisherman’s Large Pendant with its satin silver finish. Also available in black or antique brass, this traditional ‘Fisherman’ style pendant light fitting features diffusers crafted in glass. Height abdjustable during installation, this retro styled kitchen lighting comes with the benefits of modern materials and technology!

7. Flush  fittings

Another one for the older property or where a traditional ambience is being created is the Palladium 16w low energy brass flush. It brings an air of luxury with its sublime fluted opaque glass diffuser perfectly complemented by the polished brass centre point and rim. It looks sumptuous when it isn't even switched on but when it is, that diffuser provides a soft light that just oozes charm. The Low Energy 16 Watt Bulb that comes with the fitting will last 15 times longer than a standard bulb as well as using far less energy. Here luxurious kitchen lighting comes with outstanding economy.

8. Contemporary  style

Now for a look that celebrates 21st Century design. Ideal for the really modern home is the Dallas Halogen Ceiling Light. Its chrome base shines like a mirror, complementing the frosted glass of the centre plate framed by the clear glass reflective rim to give the luxurious look of a designer creation. The good news is that the price does not reflect the exclusive look. Neither does the running cost with the halogen bulbs producing superb light using surprisingly little energy with long life. There is even a choice of shape available. This delightful fitting can be either circular or square to suit the location.

9. Designer looks

For the customer who demands exclusive kitchen lighting with a genuine designer label, it has to be David Hunt. Hand crafted in the heart of the Cotswolds since before the First World War, the fittings produced by David Hunt Lighting are renowned for their completely original, innovative designs. The exciting design is matched by their superb quality of manufacture.

The Station 3 Light Bar Pendant - Cotswold Cream is a fine example of the David Hunt team’s superb design and craftsmanship. Because these lamps are hand made to order in the UK variations to individual fittings are possible. For example, the interior colour can be customised to suit.

10. Plinth prowess

Plinth lights bring sophistication to your customer’s new kitchen lighting as well as being very useful when looking for small objects dropped on the floor!

A Metro LED Light Set is ideal for this purpose. Producing the sharp crisp light that only LEDs can provide, they are both robust and unobtrusive. These sets are actually designed for decking and offer a real contemporary feel. They have excellent impact resistance so being kicked, quite likely on a kitchen unit plinth, will present no problem to these tough little fittings.

Ideal lighting

These ten new lights are ideally suited for kitchen lighting installations and are without doubt leading the way in this ever-developing market. Taking into account style, efficiency and economy in operation, they are indeed today’s top ten kitchen lighting solutions. As such they should be “must consider first” items for your next kitchen project.

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