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The Arc floor lamp - overhang gets a new name!

Author: Jon Sharman
Published: March 26, 2014

The Arc floor lamp isn’t part of a new range of floor lamps from one of the best known lighting manufacturers on the market. It is in fact what we until recently called an overhang floor lamp - those floor lamps that go up and then lean out, allowing you to specifically place your light where you want it.

What’s in a name

For some reason the popularity of the term ‘overhang’ has diminished and for no more than purely aesthetic reasons people have been drawn to a name which to be honest does sound a little less clumsy. So in all but name nothing has really changed! The same great range of overhanging floor lamps is available, but under a new, arguably improved banner.

The Arc Range

Lyco’s range of newly named Arc Floor Lamps is made up of five great models…
Joel Arc Floor Lamp
The Joel Arc Floor Lamp is contemporary in design with a sliding height-adjustable arm, and a light head that can be precisely angled according to your needs.Zaragoza Overhang / Arc Floor Lamp - Cream

The Zaragoza Arc Floor Lamp is also height adjustable through its telescopic design, and stylishly combines a marble base with a classic fabric drum shade.

Osaka Floor LampThe Osaka Arc Floor Lamp borrows from the vintage balanced-arm design of a traditional desk lamp, allowing plenty of adjustability and topped by a beautifully finished light head.

Arvin Arc LampThe Arvin Arc Floor Lamp has an elegant arching design, and includes a built-in dimmer switch for complete control over brightness. Two shades are supplied, so you can achieve just the lighting effect and look you want.

Dynamo Arc Floor Lamp - Antique Chrome
The Dynamo Arc Floor Lamp has a distinctly retro design, with an attractively formed metal shade in a choice of stunning finishes.  This graceful freestanding luminaire is the perfect floor lamp for traditional environments.

Reaching out

Just as the collective name has been ‘improved’, it goes without saying that our range of Arc lamps will continue to grow, offering even more options.

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