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Solar garden lights – ideal for entertaining

Author: Jon Sharman
Published: April 25, 2014

One of the most popular types of lighting in recent years has to be solar garden lights. Their biggest appeal is without doubt the fact that they’re free to run, and thanks to the constant improvements in the LED technology that powers them, these lights are becoming even more useful. Homes and hospitality premises alike have plenty to gain from this free fuelled form of lighting.

Harnessing the summertime

It’s fair to say that a sunny day in Britain is never taken for granted and everyone enjoys the chance to sit in the sun, enjoying good company whilst eating and drinking al fresco. These are moments we savour and prolonging the experience is always welcome.

For hoteliers or pub owners, capitalising on this couldn’t be more important. Outdoor areas provide opportunity for extra custom. Harnessing the welcoming summertime mood and extending it well into the evening can be done with the right choice of lighting – especially solar.

Free lighting all the year round

To put the record straight, it is a popular misconception that solar-powered lights need direct sunshine to recharge. It is correct that it hastens the process, but solar lights are functional all the year round and will charge during daylight hours regardless of the amount of direct sunlight they receive. You can however preserve their charge by manually controlling the lights (turning them off and on by hand) and it is always helpful to position the lights for maximum exposure to the sun but it isn’t essential.

Solar garden lights – choosing the right products

Quarter Solar Stake lightsOutdoor lighting should be decorative and in keeping with the style of the garden, if a particular style exists. By highlighting features of the garden you’ll add ambience. Lighting darker areas makes a garden more welcoming, and creates a greater feeling of space. If theft is likely to be an issue, choose staked or tethered lights of a size that cannot be easily concealed.

An outdoor entertainment area of modest size—the type you might find in a city pub or a home—can be lit by a series of stake lights. These are ideal around patio or decking areas. The Quarter Solar Stake Light is good in this role.

Beer garden lighting example

Assiso Solar LED Garden LanternBeer gardens are a common feature in hotels and pubs and here we have made up a great example and lit it appropriately. Our example garden is large and features a lawned area, trees, a path, a flowerbed and wooden picnic benches.

Lining the garden path and flower borders are Assiso Solar LED Garden Lantern, which offer tremendous value for money. With their smart but inconspicuous design, these Konst Smide lights blend easily with many styles of garden.

Amid the flowers and plants are one or two Assisi LED Lanterns, which are great for enlivening the foliage of plants or shrubs, or showing off ornamental grasses. Everbright Solar Fairy Lights
To decorate trees, 300 Everbright LEDs along a 30-metre string provide plenty of flexibility. This type of rope or string lighting works well for fences, walls, trellises, gazebos or hedges.

Parasols over garden tables can also be lit. Solar Centre’s 100 Solar LED Light Bling String is perfect for this application. Its solar panel can be discreetly positioned nearby or even between the slats of traditional wooden picnic benches.

All these lights have a built-in photocell for automatic dusk-to-dawn illumination. They are completely self-sufficient, though in most cases the option of manual control exists.

The durability of LED outdoors

Solar lights offer a great deal of durability, due to being LED based. Being vibration-proof, shock-proof and reliable in cold temperatures (down to around -20°C), solar lights are likely to last several years, even under demanding conditions (obviously when it isn’t a sunny day!)

Solar garden lights will transform any outdoor space whilst adding nothing to your energy bills!

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